Learn Tarot: The Hermit Tarot Card

Element: Earth
Planet: Mercury
Astrological Sign: Virgo
Numerology: 9
Timing: August 23 – September 22nd
Hebrew Letter: Yod

Keywords: Wisdom, Erudition, Mentorship, Introspection, Solitude, Introversion, Focused Inward, Meditative, Philosophical, Retreat, Self Reflection

Reversed Keywords: Ignorance, Petulance, Immaturity, Exile, Sadness, Loneliness

The Hermit is a loner, introverted, retreated and self-facing. This card speaks to an introspection that seeks enlightenment and spiritual ascension. He also walks his own path. Not belonging to a tradition or inside a box, the path taken to wisdom and introspection is his own. This is in contrast to the Hierophant who holds wisdom within the confines of his conformity to tradition places on him. The Hermit is about the unorthodox solitary path.

The Hermit is a place of wisdom and guidance. And it can both mean a need to turn inward in order to seek wisdom or that the time has come to guide or mentor another. As well, that there is a guide or mentor coming into your life.

This is also a great archetype for walking the internal dream plains of the psyche.

Reverse Keywords: Ignorance, Petulance, Immaturity, Exile, Sadness, Loneliness

Not heeding wise counsel could be indicated or there are consequences to not having heeded wise counsel in the past. A reversed position can also indicate the arrogance of youth or immaturity where it’s easy to think that the seeker already knows it all and doesn’t have sought wise counsel or take a conscious pause in order to see better clarity within.

This position can also indicate isolation born out of avoidance and fear rather than healthy introspection. And this distinction is important because the retreat and isolation of the Hermit is an active one, where he is actively seeking and inquiring within for the wisdom he seeks. In The Hermit reversed, this doesn’t occur and there is a concerted effort to not seek, or see or know the truth of what is going on. In short, denial.

Tarot Deck:  The Wild Unknown

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