New Moon in Taurus, May 11th, 2021


  • New Moon: 21° Taurus 17′
  • Date: May 11th, 2021
  • Time: 3:00 pm ET / 12:00 pm PST
  • Element: Earth
  • Modality: Fixed
  • Ruler: Venus


The New/Dark Moon marks the beginning of an emotional cycle that will reach its climax in six months with the Full Moon of the same zodiac sign. Every month it happens in the same sign and degree as the Sun. Thus, it occurs when both luminaries are in a perfect conjunction that results with the Moon being completely overshadowed. Symbolically, this merges our external identity/conscience (Sun), with our inner world and emotional nature (Moon).

This is when the waning moon has reached completion and it’s in its darkest phase, making us go inward. Therefore, it’s still a moment of stillness, recharging and for retreating. However, as the dawn always comes after the darkness it also announces a new beginning that we’re not able to see just yet. Thus, it makes it perfect to set intentions that you want to manifest in six months with the Full Moon of the same sign.


The New Moon will occur at 21 degrees Taurus, an earth and fixed sign ruled by Venus. This lunar event will initiate a new emotional cycle of six months in which a new order will begin after the chaos of the Full Moon in Scorpio. The luminaries will be aligning with various planets, forming a sweet sextile with Neptune, an alchemical trine with Pluto, an electrifying square with Jupiter and a conjunction with Black Moon Lilith.

Hence, this New Moon finally represents the time in which we will begin integrating the wild and dark feminine within by beginning to speak our truth and express our authentic self, following the illumination of the deep wounds of the ego, the eruption of the suppressed rage, emotions and desires that we may have experienced during Aries season’s lunar events and the Full Moon in Scorpio’s opposition to Uranus that acted like the last drop that filled the cup.


The suppression of our emotions, especially those that are taboo or seem to be “negative”, like anger, rage, jealousy, envy, regret, grief can become even more destructive than the emotion itself, because the more they’re contained within, the stronger they become. The demonized version of Lilith is the embodiment of this, for when they’re repressed is when they manifest and are projected in poisonous ways, creating chaos and destruction in our lives and our relationships. Therefore, the dark feminine is our shadow for it’s what the patriarchal society conditioned all genders to repress: the full, wholehearted, erratic, unpredictable, sexual and wild expression of the feminine. 

The shadow is what we keep under the light of consciousness and behind the mask of our outer personality as reflected by this overshadowed Moon. The New Moon phase is completely dark, occult in the night sky, but it’s associated with new beginnings because every single earth creature is born from the darkness of the womb and from this phase, the lunar cycle is restored to become completely illuminated again. Thus, after the Scorpio Full Moon shed light to the hidden in our psyche, with this New Moon in Taurus conjunct Black Moon Lilith, it’s marking the time to integrate it to our consciousness. 


As this transit is occuring in the sign of Taurus it has to do with what we have been “enduring” or “tolerating” due to the suppression of our raw emotions, our natural instincts, our intuition and ancestral knowledge, allowing ourselves to remain somewhere we no longer want to be or where we’re not respected, becoming a reflection of our own sense of self worth and respect. Thus, this New Moon is about beginning to integrate the dark feminine within in order to increase our perception of our worth by building our self esteem and beginning to express it outwardly in our relationships.

Further, both Black Moon Lilith and the sign of Taurus are associated with eroticism and pleasure. Sexuality was one of the aspects of the feminine that was mostly repressed throughout history, becoming also dark and taboo. Thus, this new cycle also encourages us to introspect on how we’re living our sexuality and if we’re allowing or denying ourselves pleasure or enjoyment due to patriarchal shame.


It’s time to uninhibit ourselves, begin to follow our instincts, honor our wild, raw and sexual feminine energy or nature and to bring all that before we have suppressed into expression. This is reinforced with Venus in Gemini, an air and mercurial sign. Here, the goddess of love is social, communicative, follows what she desires with a curious mind, eager to speak her truth and express her sentiments. For instance, this indicates that how we’re going to be integrating the dark feminine is through bringing her to expression.

The ruler of this fertile New Moon in Taurus also reveals that our seeds will grow if they’re planted in a new and different environment. To continue to remain in a place where we don’t meet progress, where we’re stagnant or paralyzed, will not bring the change we desire. Thus, the key is in stepping out of our zone of comfort, as confirmed with the luminaries squaring Jupiter in Aquarius.


The New Moon applies a tense and electrifying square to Jupiter, at the critical 29th degree of Aquarius, highlighting that in order to materialize the changes we want to make during this new cycle, there is something that we may need to take a leap of faith, even if it feels uncomfortable, especially as it will come back to this sign and degree after it entered Pisces and goes retrograde on June 20th. Thus, this is something we will be working on and revising all year as Jupiter will return to this same exact degree it was during this New Moon on December 28th!

This is coming from the Saturn conjunct Jupiter square to Uranus since the start of 2021, indicating that this year, the Aquarius and Taurus transits encourage us to reinvent ourselves and to do what’s different in order to meet different results and progress. Therefore, if you’ve resisted to take action on something you want to do or follow, this is what you will be working towards in this new lunar cycle.


The New Moon will be in an inspiring sextile with Neptune, highlighting an excellent time to turn our fantasies and all we’ve been envisioning into a solid plan. The water element in this alignment brings a high potential to manifest our vision and intentions, for its combination with the earth element results in a fecund ground. Moreover, the luminaries will be in a tighter trine with Pluto, the planet of death and rebirth, revealing that this will all bring transformation to an area our lives, serving us to also build and grow something from scratch, indicating that those seeds planted grow strong and steadily.


Hence, this new lunar cycle represents the beginning of positive significant shifts in an area of our lives coming from what the Full Moon in Scorpio unearthed that needed to transform and change, making it excellent to plan and set intentions for the changes you want to make and what you desire to materialize with the Lunar Eclipse in Taurus of November 27th. Thus, the lunation that culminates this new cycle will be an eclipse of the North Node, for the lunar nodes will change to Scorpio-Taurus on January 4th 2022, meaning that what we begin now is a part of our karmic purpose as the fated changes it will bring are a glimpse of what this cosmic event will be about.

If you’d like to learn more, I will be creating an E-book that will come with an illustrated lunar report; The Astral Guide to learn what this New Moon means uniquely for you based on your natal chart; a guide to set intentions and suggested ritual; tarot spreads; horoscopes for each rising sign and a workbook with journal prompts. Click here to support me on Patreon and receive the E-book soon! 


Where the New Moon will be transiting in your chart indicates the area of life in which this lunar cycle will begin and that will be the one that will experience a new stability following significant and transformative changes. This is based on your rising sign and a whole sign system.


  • TAURUS: In the first house. Hence, the area of self, appearance, personality; ruling over your personal goals, your physical body and how other people see you.
  • GEMINI: In the twelfth house. Hence, the area of the unconscious mind, mental health, spirituality, isolation, confinement, endings and everything you do behind the scenes.
  • CANCER: In the eleventh house. Hence, the area of friends, groups, community, social networks, connections, social recognition, goals and aspirations.
  • LEO: ​In the tenth house. Hence, the area of career, public image and social status.
  • VIRGO: In the ninth house. Hence, the area of expansion, long term travel, higher knowledge, college education, philosophical and religious beliefs, ethics, moral values.
  • LIBRA: In the eighth house. Thus, the area of transformation, the occult, shared resources, other people’s money, tax, credit, investments; sex and the intimacy you share with a partner.
  • SCORPIO: In the seventh. Thus, the area of relationships, business partnerships, collaborations, laws and contracts.
  • SAGITTARIUS: ​In the sixth house. Hence, the area of health and wellness, service work and work environment, daily tasks, routines and productivity.
  • CAPRICORN: ​In the fifth house. Hence, the area of fun, romance and dating, creativity, projects, children and fertility.
  • AQUARIUS: In the fourth house. Thus, the area of the home, family, natal city, your roots, the past and internal world.
  • PISCES: ​In the third house. The area of the mind and communication, ideas, education, hobbies and interests, siblings and neighbors and immediate environment.
  • ARIES: ​In the second house. The area of personal resources, money, possessions, value system, self worth and self esteem.

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