Sacred Symbols: Pentacle and Pentagram

A ubiquitous symbol in Neo-Paganism, the Pentacle or Pentagram, is common for those practicing various forms of Witchcraft across the globe.  The Pentacle and the Pentagram are also symbols that are much maligned and thought to be symbols of the Devil or Evil in various religious groups.

The truth is that the Pentacle and Pentagram have been showing up in all parts of the world in various sects, religious buildings, and philosophies.  The meaning of the Pentacle and the Pentagram has varied over time and it’s hard to pinpoint when Pagans, Neo-Pagans, and Witches began using it for their own purposes.

Below you’ll find some correspondences for the Pentacle and Pentagram, how to use it as well as a few other tidbits on what has become for us, Witches, a powerful tool, and symbol.

The Pentacle:

The Pentacle is a 5 pointed star composed of 10 individual lines connected at the points.

There are various origins to this word and, in fact, has been used to describe several different shapes. This is the most common usage now, and it refers specifically to the talisman in the shape of the 5 pointed star.

The Pentagram:

The Pentagram is a 5 pointed star inside a circle that connects all 5 points of the star.

** Both terms are often used interchangeably.

Key Words + Vibrations: Incarnation, Physical, Material, Anchor, Portal, Vortex, Conduit, 5, Protection Shield, Seal, Divinity Manifesting In Matter.

Symbology Of The Pentacle / The Pentagram

Each point on the star of The Pentacle or Pentagram represents, or holds the energetic indication of each of the 4 elements, with the 5th point, typically at the top, representing Spirit, the divine or a specific deity one is working with. The circle that holds the star within represents eternity, unity, the completion of all things.

Numerology of The Pentacle / The Pentagram

The number 5 of The Pentacle or Pentagram holds the vibration of the metaphysical. It is the culmination of the sacred ingredients that create matter, nature, and humanity. There is an element of movement and transformation with this number, dynamism that is potent and always going. It almost demands manifestation as it’s always in the act of creation. 5 is a pulsing magnetic.

Magickal Usages of The Pentacle / The Pentagram

A drawn or sculpted or any other physical representation of a Pentacle or a Pentagram is the perfect and harmonious representation of the 5 elements and spirit on an altar. It can serve as a seal of protection, a portal through which to channel the energies of a spell through, a talisman to wear on your body and an emanation of a Witch’s connection to the whole of nature and it’s harmonious alchemy in the manifesting of all things.

Though controversial for some, the pentacle or pentagram is one of the more quintessential symbols of a Witch.

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