Doing Crystal Grid Work

Components Of A Crystal Grid

Quartz Generator – A flat bottomed obelisk stone, preferably some type of quartz.
Activator – One or two terminated stone used to activate the intention. This stone is used to integrate and connect all the stones together to become the one whole grid.
Crystals – The stones you choose for their specific energetic frequencies.
Other items – These can be plants, talismans or other sacred objects that support the intention of the grid you are creating.
Surface – You don’t need a ready made grid, you can also create your own, using the 4 directions and center as a guide to work with. Adding a sacred geometric shape to work on adds that layer of energetic potency as well.

Definition Of A Crystal Grid

Crystal Grids are groups of crystals chosen for their energetic properties and organized in an grid or mandala with a specific intention in mind. Stones carry specific energetic vibrations, with elemental and astrological tones. Pulling together certain groupings of stones to create the specific energetic channel you desire to manifest a new reality is a potent alchemical magick to work with.

Creating A Grid

1. Gather your tools. Make sure your stones have been cleared and charged. You can also use a pre-made grid with a sacred geometry pattern for extra potency, or simply a cloth or table top that won’t be disturbed once you are done with creating the grid. Plants, talismans and other items to support the energetic intention are also good. A candle to light at the beginning of the work is also a powerful addition.

2. Write down the intention for the grid and placed it under the board you are creating the grid on, or the surface you are creating the grid on. (preferably at the center)

3. Begin by placing the Generator obelisk at center. Start at center and work your way out.

4. Be mindful of where the stone points aim at. It can be all outward, or all towards you, or in a direction that is specific to the intention.

5. Keep adding the stones you have gathered in a pattern that you are intuitively lead to create.

6. Once you feel complete with the grid you have created, Activate it. Take the Activator Stone and tap the Generator stone with it. Then tap the furthest Eastern stone to connect the Generator Stone at center to this furthest Eastern Stone. You start this way, tapping the Generator Stone and then the following stone going from East to South, connecting them each to one another as if you were creating the network. You do this clockwise (East to South) Then when it’s time to dismantle the grid, you would do the same thing counterclockwise, starting at the South, or the last stone you activated when you first did this.

7. Leave the grid intact and in a safe but visible place in your home for a designated cycle such as a lunar phase, a month, a week or until that which you are working to manifest comes to pass. You don’t have to keep activating the grid once it’s done.

8. Once the intention has come to pass, or you have completed a cycle of time, such as a Lunar Cycle, or Season or Solar Cycle, dismantle the grid by deactivating the stones in the opposite direction you activated them when the grid was first created.

9. Take all the crystals used in this grid and clear them/recharge them under a Full Moon in salt water.

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