The October 2018 Divining Box

Divining Box

Divining is ultimately about holding up the sacred mirror. Either you become the sacred mirror by reading the palm or cards or tea leaves or energy of someone or you consult the sacred mirror for yourself in the form of an actual mirror, or a deck of cards or pendulum or runes.

This box comes with 3 methods of Divining:

1. Witches Runes – A beautifully accessible and easy to understand divination system that can serve as a potent mirror to shine a light on both inner wisdom that you might be having a hard time accessing, and a way to illuminate the path ahead given the dynamics at play in your present life.
2. Palmistry – Being in the role of sacred mirror for another is a holy act. The beauty of doing a reading for someone using Palmistry is the connection of touch that can be afforded when taking another’s hand to read the wisdom contained there. There is an intimacy that enhances the trust and the intention and the openness required by both parties and in that way, it serves as a way to weave people closer.
3. Hydromancy Scrying with a Chalice – A powerful method that tends to be used by those that have been divining and scrying for awhile, this method can tap into deep issues for yourself, others and general archetypal energies at play on a larger playing field. Scrying with water is ANCIENT practice and it’s like tapping into the original telephone wire.

As with past Divination Boxes, the intention of this one is to give you tools for deeper connection during this time of the year. The veil is thin on Samhain and as we approach Winter. The darkness grows and our lids grow heavy as we turn our sight towards the Unseen, that which exists beyond but is always at play around and within us.

May this Season be deeply transformative and filled with potent messages.

Inside This Box:

  • 1 Palmistry Ceramic Hand
  • 1 Palmistry Booklet
  • 1 Set of 13 Witches Runes
  • 1 Chalice
  • 1 Witches Apothecary 8 oz Bottle of Calendula Petals
  • 1 Witches Apothecary 6 ox Lose Divining Truth Incense
  • 1 Oracle Card
  • 1 Palmistry Chapter Book Of Shadows Page
  • 1 Witches Runes Journal Book Of Shadows Page – to create copies from so you can keep your records
  • 2 Witches Runes Key Book Of Shadows Pages
  • 1 Hydromancy Book Of Shadows Page
  • 1 Calendula Book Of Shadows Page

Unboxing Video

Below you can watch the unboxing video for this box.  And if you haven’t subscribed to The Witches Box yet, please do so!  Go HERE to subscribe.  At the time of this posting there are 3 more of these boxes left to buy if you were not subscribed but would like some of this magick in your life.  Go HERE to get your box today.  Once these are gone I won’t be repeating this exact box again.

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