Inner Revealings Tarot: March 10, 2019

Inner Revealings Tarot is a weekly opportunity to consult the cards for a set of questions with which to practice Self Inquiry. Each Sunday, 4 cards will open a door to deeper self-knowledge. All that’s needed is a journal, tea and some quiet time to reflect and dive in.

Please feel free to share insights and thoughts below.

NOTE: Thursdays are #LearnTarot where we go over the meaning and symbolism for each card individually. And Sundays we post these Inner Revealing readings.  You can find all the posts for all things Tarot HERE.

Tarot Cards

  • 5 Of Wands
  • The Hermit
  • Ace Of Swords
  • Page Of Chalices


  1. Where is the monster of comparison cropping up in your life?
  2. Where does inner conflict show up for you when you’re going to take on a new skill, activity or direction? Are there some things that cause more inner conflict or insecurity than others? Is comparison to others part of that inner conflict?
  3. Sooth some of that by listing the ways and places in which you trust your inner knowing, your intellect and intuition in specific areas of your life where you simply don’t question yourself. What are those places or circumstances? Remember, that even when you are wrought with insecurity, there are places within you that you take for granted because you simply trust out of hand. Name them.
  4. Usually, those parts of you that are rooted in trust are the parts of you that feel freer to risk, play, experiment. What new thing do you want to risk or experiment with in your life that you can practice trust and confidence in regardless of how others are good at it or not?

Deck by James Eads.

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