Inner Revealings Tarot: January 27, 2019

Inner Revealings Tarot is a weekly opportunity to consult the cards for a set of questions with which to practice Self Inquiry. Each Sunday, 4 cards will open a door to deeper self-knowledge. All that’s needed is a journal, tea and some quiet time to reflect and dive in.

Please feel free to share insights and thoughts below.

NOTE: Thursdays are #LearnTarot where we go over the meaning and symbolism for each card individually. And Sundays we post these Inner Revealing readings.  You can find all the posts for all things Tarot HERE.

Tarot Cards

  • 10 Of Swords
  • The Devil
  • Princess Of Wands
  • Queen Of Wands


  • Are you willing to free yourself from the habit of self-defeat this year?
  • Can you take the time to look within and own up to the learned helplessness that has become too easy, habitual and common for you? (We all have parts of our lives where this type of dynamic plays out in big and small ways.)
  • What parts of you are longing for joy and liberation in order to grow bigger than the limiting space you have given yourself in these areas of your life so far?

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    1. Hi love,

      This deck is the Carl Rohrig Tarot deck. Sadly, it’s out of print, but it’s my favorite. I’ve had this for over 20 years and even though I collect decks constantly, it’s the one I go back to over and over again.

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