March 2020 Spiritual Fertility Box

Fertility, fecundity, fruitfulness, productiveness, prolificacy, generative…  Those words alone and as a group are a beautiful study in what we as spiritual beings have the capacity for.

Often when we hear the word Fertility, we think about humans reproducing other humans.  But in fact, we are creating and producing every second of every day with each and every choice we make and every word we speak, every dream we have and every single time we cast a spell.  

There are so many layers to this box and we’ll cover quite a bit of it when we have our Deep Dive Gathering.  But the first focus will be on using sympathetic magic to manifest something in your life out of nothing. This is what we do as Witches.  We create. We are spiritually fertile in our capacity to weave new realities for ourselves while also tending to the visual manifestation of life in the form of plants.  For this we will use the symbolism of eggs and seeds.

The other way we are fertile is in our capacity to continue evolving spiritually within ourselves.  We can change, grow, expand, and continue to reach new levels of personal mastery. We will be using Sigil Shoal work and ritual art to work a personal long term transformational ritual for this using the symbolism of Nesting Dolls.  This is a powerful ritual that incorporates some more advanced magickal skills. 

Before you embark on that work, watch the Deep Dive Gathering.
For those of you who are subscribed, there will be more information on the forum as we begin to explore this more and more.

In This Box:

  • 1 Sm Cup of Cascarilla – Partly solid, partly loose powder
  • 1 Unpainted Nesting Doll set – NOTE these take some work to open
  • 2 Wooden egg halves
  • 3 Pieces of seed paper
  • 1 Witches Apothecary Reawakening Mist Spray
  • 1 Witches Apothecary bag of Calendula – page for this will be on the website (check forum)
  • 1 Witches Apothecary bag of Verbena – page for this will be on the website (check forum)
  • 1 Oracle card
  • 1 Book Of Shadow Page set Soul Transformation Shoal Spell
  • 1 Book Of Shadow Page Cascarilla
  • 1 Book Of Shadow Page set Fertile Life Spell

At the time of this posting, the box is still in stock! Get your Spiritual Fertility Box while they are still in stock HERE. And if you haven’t subscribed to our Witches Box yet, please do! You can find out all you need HERE.

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