Learn Tarot: The World Tarot Card

Element: Earth
Planet: Saturn
Numerology: 21, 3
Hebrew Letter: Tov

Keywords: Transcendance, Expansion, Accomplishment, Travel, Completion, Fulfillment, Sense of Belonging, Wholeness, Harmony, Freedom, End of Journey or Phase, Wisdom, Experience

Reversed Keywords: Lack of success, Disappointment, Emptiness, Isolation

Here we are at the end. Remember that at the start of this Major Arcana journey, we had the Fool… the beginning and a blank slate, starting off in life to learn as a soul does when it comes here to evolve.

Each step or card along the way, has signified a lesson, a skill, a shift that was necessary to reach the place where we are now, The World Card. And though it’s tempting to think that this card symbolizes the end of the journey, or the ‘arrival’ at perfection or full evolvement, what it really means is that you are now at the precipice of and elevation.

Life and evolution is a spiral containing cycles, and ever deepening, while at the same time elevating, levels of understanding.

Arriving at this card symbolizes a completion of a cycle, a goal actualized, an understanding fully downloaded and the end and beginning of another level or phase.

There is an understanding now of the self, of the world, of interactions with others and of the sort of mastery that is available on a multitude of levels. It is here that with that specific wisdom, another adventure begins.

The World Tarot Card Reversed

The road here hasn’t been without it’s deep challenges. To find this card reversed speaks to the missed steps, the misunderstanding of the lessons offered and of a stunted path that has not lead to the next step in your evolution – and this applies to any aspect of your life.

It’s as if, this would have been your natural next step but something is holding you back. And that exploration, in and of itself, can be it’s own new soul journey.

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