Doubling Down On Self-Care: It’s What Your Destabilized Energy Is Calling For

At the time of writing this, the world is one week out from the New Moon in Aries, the Solar Eclipse in Aries, Chiron in Aries and Mercury in Retrograde. In. Aries.

The lead up to this event was intense and though the planetary bodies have all moved on, most of the world is still feeling the effects of all of that energy coming together to create intense movement in our lives and the world.

And this is what it is to be alive and part of a grand cosmos.  We are influenced by the planets, current events in the world, politics, family drama, work drama, shifts in relationships, information and our hormones – to mention just a few.

In the midst of life’s inevitable upheavals, we end up feeling anxious, overwhelmed, energetically strung out, and when this happens it’s common for us to sideline our self-care routines. These times, fraught with emotional and spiritual turbulence, often compel us to focus outward, managing the crises at hand or the energetic destabilization that we get caught up in rather than tending to our inner needs.  

And usually, that external focus means distracting behaviors like doom scrolling through social media, eating, shopping, any other number of addictive behaviors as well as hyper focusing on business and hyper reactivity to our environment – all of which feed the experience of being energetically destabilized.  

We basically end up doing things that keep us reacting, instead of doing the thing that helps which is doubling down on our self care.

Doubling Down

Self-care is often mistaken as a luxury – something to be indulged in only when we have spare time. But it’s our over taxed mental, physical, and spiritual reserves that require all the attention.  This is also the time when we fall prey to things that drain our energy even more, which then requires protection or clearing magic later.  

The reality is that self-care should be a present-time and spiritually mature response to times of energetic upheaval. When overwhelmed or unmoored, the response action should be to engage more deeply with our self-care practices rather than postponing them. So, rather than push self care aside because you don’t have time or you don’t have the bandwidth for it – thinking you’ll get to it later – this is actually the time to say “no” to more things that create noise in your life, in favor of tending to yourself, your needs, your calibration and healing.  In short, this is where you double down on your personal care.

This is how we maintain our energy bodies and the resonant field around us.  It’s how, over time, we express our deepening spiritual maturity – by being in a responsive relationship to what is true and needed in that very moment, rather than denying it and pushing it to the back burner.  The wisdom being given to you when you feel this way is, take extra care.

The Time Scarcity Illusion

One of the biggest fallacies we encounter during stressful times is the belief that there isn’t enough time for self-care. The truth is, creating time for self-care is not about finding extra hours in the day; it’s about prioritizing what truly matters. When we say “no” to tasks and activities that do not serve our well-being and say “yes” to those things that nourish us, we are making a powerful choice to support our health and vitality.

My teacher often says, when you prioritize something, everything else will re-organize around that.  I’ve found this to be true.  At the onset of this practice, it might take some time, but the boundary you set is a spell.  And ultimately, you are the one that sets the pace for the way your life moves.  Read that again.

Did the recent solar eclipse have you feeling untethered, anxious and distracted?  Slow. Down.  Change the pace at which you approach things so that you can make different decisions about what you do with your time right now.  Make choices that are responses to what you need most in this moment in order to fully embodied, grounded and nourished.

You set the pace of your time.

Essential Self-Care Practices to Consider

When you experience intense moments of astrological upheaval, big life stressors, losses, transitions, etc, there are things you can do to double down on your self care.  Consider the following practices to keep your self-care robust and responsive to your needs:

  • Increase Nutritional Support: Consider upping your intake of proteins and perhaps adjusting your supplement protocols. Nutrition plays a critical role in how resilient we feel physically and emotionally.  And the state of your physical body is ABSOLUTELY tied to how you feel spiritually.
  • Expand Meditation and Mindfulness: When the world feels like it’s spinning faster, slow it down with more frequent meditation sessions. This can help in recalibrating your emotional and spiritual balance.
  • Sleep More: Never underestimate the power of sleep. Allow yourself extra rest to recover from the emotional and energetic expenditures.
  • Clear Your Calendar: Be ruthless about what you commit to. If it’s not essential, it’s probably not worth your already stretched energy.
  • Engage in Retreats: Whether it’s a formal retreat away from your daily environment or a simple retreat into a quiet space at home, find sanctuary in solitude.  Be mindful of creating more moments of silence and stillness.
  • Embrace Nature and Elemental Connection: Spend time in nature – walk barefoot, lie directly on the earth, or simply sit and observe the natural world around you. Such practices can ground you and reconnect you with Earth’s calming rhythms.
  • Journal More Intensively: Writing can be a therapeutic way to work through the emotions and stresses you’re experiencing. Make it a point to journal more frequently during times when you don’t feel firmly grounded.
  • Revitalize Your Sacred Space: Spend time at your altar or give it a well intended and curated refresh.
  • Dance and Move: Movement, especially when intuitive and freeing like dancing, can help release stored energy and encourage its movement.  The body needs an outlet to express what it’s hold and experiencing.  Often dance and exercise provides incredible support for bring us back in our bodies and out of the frenetic energy of anxiety that can come when experiencing a lot of energetic stimuli.
  • Undertake Spring Cleaning: Clearing out physical space can significantly impact your mental space. It’s a physical act of letting go and can bring new energy and clarity to your environment.

Ultimately, the state of our self care protocols determines the way we are able to move through life with intention and be impactful because of it.  Self Care should be the first thing we tend to, day in and day out.  This is true from a mundane sense and a magical one, because ultimately, those two things are the same.  

Double down on the self care.

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