Wars + Abiding Love: Spells Of Healing

NOTE: I wrote this in specific response to the images and stories coming out of the war between Palestine and Israel. But I cannot remember a time in my life where there wasn’t some ongoing war somewhere, or the day to day atrocities going on in every town somewhere in the world. This post is timeless and I urge all of you to take on this practice.

The images coming out of the Palistinian/Israeli war have been devastating.  This while there is still a war going on in Ukraine.

It can be both traumatizing and frustrating to watch all this and not be able to do much about it.

As a spiritual community, we feel it all underneath the surface.  Our lives might be priveleged with peace and stability, but we are Witches.  We are a path of connection to all things and we FEEL this. There is no one or being or entity not affected by what is happening in the world.

It’s time to put a call out.

What Do We Do?

First and foremost, Yes:

  • Yes, send money to charities as often and as much as you can.
  • Yes, donate goods as much as you can.
  • Yes, vote for leaders even here at home that support peace, resolution, inclusion and preservation.
  • Yes, do your own personal work to eradicate hate and violence from your own life.
  • Yes, support others that support healing.

And, here’s the bigger thing:

Step out of the politic.  Step out of the ‘side’ you agree with.  

Get deeper here.  

Because what is happening all over the world is this notion that conflict gets more readily settled by violence and seeking power over.  Even though this has never been true.

And the real truth is that people are suffering.  People are suffering in the most horrific ways.

We are broken here.  And as Witches we have an obligation to contribute our magic to these situations because there is an underlying energetic stream to shift.

Don’t get it twisted.  I’m not talking about frivolous platitudes like “Love and light!”  or “Prayers and thoughts!”

I’m talking about a strong stand that says, “ENOUGH” and rather than keep that response superficial and ineffective by simply saying that on social media, what I’m saying is that we all need to rise up collectively and in an ongoing concerted effort we need to flood the energy stream with magic that helps heal, integrate and shift the direction that the world moves in.


I’ve been talking about love and witchcraft for a while now and I’m not going to stop.  We have kept love relegated to conversations about love spells for that one lover, which frankly diminishes the grandness of what love really is.  

Romantic love is important, but we diminish that as well when we only talk about love in the context of getting dates or lovers.

Love is a field that embraces, expands, heals and calibrates.  Love is the energetic field of Life. And we are so far from this state in the world that we wake up to news of violence and angry destruction daily. 

When the powers that be, as well as the individual person is more willing and ready to destroy another life, instead of seeking understanding and resolution that leaves all parties whole, love is no longer there. And this violence can be a word, a thought, a feeling or a gun, a bomb, etc.

As a collective we are fragmented from love.  And we need to bring it back.

Love Magic

This isn’t a one and done.  This is about calling all Witches to commit to making love their mission.  Love needs to be the first and last spell you cast each day.  It’s part of your purpose for existing.  Yes.  I’m calling you to commit to being an agent for the healing and wholing of the world.

We have been on this path of wounding for so long that it will take lifetimes of flooding the field with the love that we all desperately need in order to remember the sanctity of life, of humanity and of belonging to one another.

We are destroying ourselves and each other.  Even if you are not part of the wars or the crimes, we are connected.  In small ways we replay these behaviors in the way we judge each other, the way we cancel each other, or dismiss or lie.  

This is both internal and external work.  We all need this, now and forever.

So I’m calling you to make the commitment to love magic.  Daily.  DAILY.  

We are the Witches that can nourish the collective by an unrelenting commitment to put out love in a deeply intentioned crusade.

What Does This Look Like?

This is both meditation and spell.  And its important to keep it simple, because it keeps the focus sharp and it allows Love to do the work both within you and out in the world.

Dedicate time each morning to sitting in meditation to simply stream love energy through you out into the world. 15 minutes where you just send it out. And there are a few ways to do this:

  • Sit and just send out love to the entire planet, where you visualize your love being a deep dark pink wrap around the entire planet.
  • Sit and specifically send this love to affected areas in the world with deep conflict. Obviously, at the time of this writing we have two that are in deep conflict and they can use a lot of this.
  • Sit and send specifically to communities you care about.

The idea here is that you pick one, stick to it and shower it long term.  Ideally, we all do this daily until we die and then keep doing it from the stream of our ancestral line.

And the practice is simple, breathe in and on the exhale, Love.

We need healing on a deep pervasive level and it’s time we got onto the work of doing that healing without compromise. We can’t be Witches on this planet and not be in active response to this level of suffering.

You’ll find that as you do this work, all that is not love within you will absolutely come up to the surface.  Let it.  This is healing work. It’s messy.  Love will bring up everything that is unlike itself in order for it to be acknowledged, healed and forgiven.  We do this work for the world, but this work will do us as well. That is how healing works.  That is how magic works.

The only types of warriors we need in this world are warriors of love.  I’m calling on all of us to be that.

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