New Moon In Leo, August 2021

New Moon in Leo for August 8, 2021 happens at exactly 13:49 UTC/GMT.  Please be sure to look at your time zone in relation to UTC/GMT time in order to see what the exact time is for where you are on the map.

This is a New Moon.  So its important to do the ritual or working AFTER the moon has become new and BEFORE it leaves Leo.  That will happen at 14:56 UTC/GMT time on August 9, 2021.  So you have a little less than 24 hours to work with.

Now, if you can’t get it in during the Moons time in Leo, that’s ok.  We just want to capitalize on the energies at play as much as we can.

It’s also important to know that if you wanted to build on a spell or ritual manifestation for the entire time that the Moon is Waxing until it reaches Full, you can also do that.  There is room to play here with the New Moon energy.

The Work Of The New Moon

The New Moon is all about manifestation, starting anew, initiating.  There are so many ways to work with a New Moon.  But for this one we’re going move strategically from the last lunar cycle.  We’ve just gone through a Dark Waning Moon where you were doing the work of cutting away dysfunctional family dynamics or actual people.

Where something goes, a vacuum is left and we’ll do the work of replacing that space very intentionally.

New Moon in Leo

This is a cycle of celebration, romance, love, creativity, generosity, play, being seen, confidence, determination, will, leadership, and passion to name a few.

AND this lunar cycle will go from Leo to Aquarius and back to Leo for the Dark Waning Moon.

If you remember, Aquarius is the bigger picture, friend groups, family groups, human kind, connections and networks.  Though Aquarius is about so much more, this is the resonance we’ll be working with this lunar trajectory this month.

So to this end, this will be a fun New Moon.  Because Leo is about fun, gregarious living, celebration and playfulness that also carries with it an air of authority and ownership.  I say this to mean we are going to take full ownership of our fun.

There is certainly Moon cycles where we’ll get down and dirty and do some deep work, but this month it’s about claiming something fun and playful and nourishing for ourselves.