Full Moon In Aquarius Solo Ritual

Intention:  To open our capacity to be in compassion for all of humanity.

This is a ritual that can be done at any Full Moon.  It’s an intention that is supported in this sign, but can also work on any Full Moon or if it’s something you really want to work on for yourself, you can do this during the waxing phase of any Moon Cycle.  That is to say, an option would be to do this nightly for an entire waxing Moon Cycle.

This is a simple spell ritual, but I’ll list extra “bells and whistles” to add if you feel called.

Items Needed:

  • 1 White Candle with safe container
  • Something comfortable to sit on outside
  • White thread (wax thread, yarn, twine that is white will do as well)
  • 1 cup of water with 1 tbsp of sea salt mixed into it

Optional Add Ons

  • Herbs to dress your candle – Rose for self compassion and fierce protective love for others, 
  • Peridot, the stone of compassion
  • Music if this helps you (I’ll add a few resources in the forum)

Ritual Spell

1.  Before ritual, write out for yourself the intention given above.  Really spend time prior allowing for this intention to bring up questions, thoughts, resistances so that you can gain clarity prior to the spell.

2.  You can also create a sigil for this intention, carve it into the candle or draw it onto the glass container prior to burning.  If you are also including Rose, grind it into powder with a mortar and pestle and using Olive oil as an anointing agent, spread the oil over the candle and the dust the rose powder over it.

3.  Find a place outside that is safe, quiet and will allow you to sit out for awhile and able to gaze at the Moon.  If this is not an option for you, a window with a good view of the Moon can work as well.

4.  Set up a place to sit on the floor (or chair if needed) along with your altar.  Aside from the herbs, candle and stone, if you have that, also add anything else that feels like it would support this intention.  Make the altar your own.

5.  Cast the circle in whatever way feels most comfortable for you.  The salt water can be used to sprinkle along the perimeter of the circle to cast it that way or as a support.  Walk clockwise along the circle while sprinkling the water along the way.

6.  When complete sit at the center of the circle focusing on your breath to come into a meditative state.  

7.  Once there, look up at the Full Moon, appreciating her beauty and greeting her as you feel called. This can be out loud, it can be an internal bowing of acknowledgement and gratitude, however you feel most called.

8.  Spend as much time as you feel, with intentioned deep breathing while gazing up at her, holding in your mind the intention. Remember that you can ask for help.  This is part of the spell.  

9.  When ready, say the following up to Her:

Moon shine, moon bright, casting your glow on all of us tonight.

May the whole of your gaze unite us all.

May the expanse of your face grow my heart to love all.

10.  Repeat this while looking at her and then when ready, while continuing to recite the invocation, light your candle.  If you have carved or drawn a sigil on the candle, spend time gazing at it while continuing to recite the invocation, this will implant the sigil in you.

11.  After some time, turn your gaze back to the Moon, reciting until it naturally fades and you feel complete.

12.  If you can, let the candle burn all the way out.  If it’s not safe to do this, you can relight it at another time to continue feeding the intention.

13.  Close the circle and spend some time journaling your experience.