Journal Meditation On Compassion

These journal meditations are meant to be worked on a few days before the ritual. This is the approach to the actual ritual where you can set time aside to process the themes and intentions we’ll be working with on the actual day of.

It helps tremendously to begin altering your behavior and external stimuli 2-3 days prior to the ritual.  The intention here is to start bringing in your focus, slipping into a more relaxed state and eliminating distractions that can hinder the experience for you.  

It is also important to begin quieting your days in the lead up.  Shorten time on Social Media, add a few more minutes to your morning meditations, make your bathing or showering rituals about cleansing off the noise and the interference that might be weighing on your mind.

And in the middle of this, add a quiet and ample timed session with your journal.

Below are a few questions to work with and I encourage to share what you feel comfortable sharing in the forum with the rest of the Moon Ritual Coven.

  • What is your relationship to compassion?
  • How do you show yourself compassion?
  • Who do you find it easiest to be compassionate towards?
  • Who do you find it hardest to be compassionate towards?
  • Is it easier to find compassion when you approach it with the logical detachment of Aquarius?
  • Or easier to find compassion when you approach it with the watery emotional attachment of Cancer?
  • Which is harder and why?