New Moon In Leo Group Ritual

New Moon In Leo August 2021 Group Ritual

This isn’t so much a ritual as it is an assignment.  And it’s power exists in the communal nature of our lives. When we want to grow or change something support can be the best magic there is.

Being seen in your truth, in your longing and desire is a powerful vulnerability that weaves people together in love and trust and in a sense being part of a supportive living web.  We can lend tremendous support and energy to each other just by baring witness to each others process and desires. 

So this week, the group we work with is each other. We’ll share, hold space for each other and support one another in whatever sustainable way is asked.

Head to the forum, and find this Moon’s thread.  Share with everyone what it is you will be adding into your life so we can all bare witness to this new commitment.  

If you need support of any kind, ask for it there.  This can be an accountability buddy, energetic support, tips and tricks, whatever.  

Be seen in your commitment and then also bare witness to your coven mates and their commitments to fun and pleasure and a type of nourishment we all need so much more of.