New Moon In Leo Solo Ritual

New Moon In Leo August 2021 Solo Ritual

Intention:  Initiate a new commitment to play weekly in a manner that allows you to enjoy yourself and life as an act of sacred celebration.  Straight up… this is about  bringing fun and that Leo vibrancy into your soul and life experience.  

Items Needed:

  • Journal, pen, calendar
  • White candle

Optional Items

  • Sunflower, Calendula or Rosemary.  Or you can use all three to dress your candle or create an incense.
  • A bright orange piece of yarn – 8 inches or enough that you can tie it around your wrist
  • Music that gets you into a focused meditative state.


This is a working ritual, as in you’ll be in your ritual space with these items while you do the homework listed below.

1.  Bring all your items together.  You can place your altar at the center of the space with the items listed above and anything else that you feel inspires your playful self.

2.  Cast the circle with just the element of fire, invoking it’s ability to excite, bring confidence and bring vitality.

3.  If you are using incense, light it now.

4.  Choose one thing to add to your life each week.  It can be a date alone somewhere, a date with a friend to play with, a new hobby, something that you consider fun.  This doesn’t have to be elaborate or an entire day. But a little bit of time each week where you can just do something for the meer pleasure of it.  Pleasure is a BIG deal for Leo.

5.  Write in detail what a perfect day or hour or whatever amount you need would be when you just spend it doing this one thing.

6.  Then choose an actual day on the calendar when you’re going to do this.

7.    If all the reasons why you don’t have time or you can’t think of what would be fun comes up for you, write those down on their piece of paper and then tear it up.

8.  As you light your candle proclaim out loud that you will be doing this thing, just for you, just for fun and pleasure each week.

9.  Stay here as long as you like, imagining what fun would be like and how it will nourish you.  And when you ready, close out the circle.

10.  Light this candle each night with a repeat of the statement you made.  You can keep it lit for 15 minutes or as long as it’s safe.  Keep doing this each night of the waxing moon until it’s full.