This Moon Cycle

Note that we are starting on a Full Moon.  This is more a product of scheduling than intention. This means that in though a Moon Cycle begins at the New Moon each month, we’re jumping into the middle.

Each Moon Cycle begins at the New Moon and ends at the Dark Waning Moon.  Each of these cycles is it’s own story.  So for this cycle the New Moon began in the sign of Cancer, it will reach Fullness at Aquarius and then end again Cancer. 

It is typical for the New Moon and the Dark Waning Moon to land in the same sign, but not always.   

So we are approaching the Full Moon in the middle of a Cancer to Aquarius to Cancer cycle. After we have done a few cycles together, we’ll work more with what these stories or trajectories mean and how to work with them in our ritual and magical work.

For now, know that we are moving through a Moon Cycle that has us starting at the heart of the watery emotional Moon (Cancer) where family, belonging, emotional attachment, sensing and connection are highlighted. And this is what is bringing us into an Air sign (Aquarius) that focuses on the bigger picture, the logic behind the emotion, detachment and concern for both individuality and humanity.

It’s a beautiful combination because there is a balance there that can help us keep steady in how we respond to things, while projecting out a love and attachment to the greater good, or greater whole, or bigger picture.

And it is this very thing that informs the focus of our rituals this Full Moon. Because what we’re working on amplifying is the love and compassion for the entirety of the human race.