Would you like to be part of a highly supportive soul lead entrepreneurial Affiliate team?

Pay attention there to those words, “Soul Lead”. Because even though being an Affiliate is about making money off of the sales you refer, we do things a bit different here at The Witches Box.

Our Affiliate program is an opportunity to talk about products you love while elevating spiritual connection in the Witch community… all while creating some supportive income for yourself.

What A Witch Box Affiliate Does

An affiliate, using a URL with their own specific code attached, shares information, reviews, and news about our products in order to create referral sales. Earn 10% of every sale in return.

You can treat this as your own marketing campaign where you provide the ability for others to purchase the products you are sharing. And we help you strategize how to do that in effective ways.

You don’t have to have a subscription to The Witches Box, but it does help. We provide plenty of tutorials, videos, and photos for you to post, which allows you to sell and earn even if you aren’t subscribed yourself.

But Do You Really Make Money?

You can! But here’s the truth, in a world where everything is possible, our business experience tells us that there are those that have certain things in place that help them make more money this way than others. (Read that again.)

We’ve been doing this for a while now, and succeeding at Affiliate sales is more than just posting a photo and a link. It takes intentional and informed planning and strategizing. We’ll help you do that, but we are also looking for people that come to our table already having an idea of what this means.

Those ‘things’ or benefit points are as follows:

  • You already have an online presence with social media followers that tend to be interested in the same things you are.
  • Follower counts that are above 5K. This isn’t to say that you won’t sell if you have less than 5000 followers, but obviously, conversion will be lower for you.
  • Numbers aren’t everything! Because if you have 100K followers, but no one is really engaging with you, then you’re not likely to be successful either. We look at the whole picture.
  • You and your online presence are in alignment with Witchcraft in some way. That is to say, that if everything you’ve written about and shared about so far has to do with say…race cars, chances are that few if any of the people that follow you will be even remotely interested in the services and products we offer. This goes along with, Know Your Audience and the first point of this list.
  • And most importantly, you have already had experience with our products and our team. (Being an affiliate DOES NOT mean you will get the items for free to review)

The Witches Box Affiliates make 10% of each of their purchases. For more information on our Terms Of Service scroll down to click for the application.

If I Have Low Followers Does This Mean I Shouldn’t Apply?

No. There are exceptions to every rule, but we want to be transparent and supportive in setting expectations. Every single application goes through a review process. Not everyone will be accepted. So give it a try. We might surprise you, especially if your online presence is such that the alignment is spot on, but your following is in the lower range for now.

Here is the biggest truth of all: We are looking for mindful and authentic recommendations.  If there are products we sell that you just don’t feel passionate about, please don’t try to sell them.  Authenticity and passion translate into energy. Ultimately, all of our audiences not only deserve our highest truth, but also deserve a relationship with each of us built on honesty and trust.  You’ll sell better when you are sharing about something you truly believe in and love!

SO! If you are interested click HERE to apply!