A personal religious text composed of magickal formulas, practices and secrets that are as alive as the ever evolving journey of the Witch that owns it.

For The Love

We love books, we love journals, and Books of Shadows make us swoon.  It’s not just the history and the collection of magic and potency they collect over time.  It’s the artistry of each Witch and how personal these tomes can be.  Each Book of Shadows is a work of art.

A Magickal Repository

The Witches Box seeks to provide magickal tools on a monthly basis through the Subscription Box, regular missives of information on rituals, spells and the moon through the blog, and actual tangible Book of Shadow pages that hold the notes of our intentioned magick.

These Pages

Design, art, magick and love come together in the Book of Shadow pages we design for you.  The intention is to share and nourish your books, give you ideas and provide the information that supports our collective and individual craft.

Book Of Shadows Pages


  • Correspondences
  • Spells
  • Rituals
  • Recipes
  • Sabbats
  • Crafts

New Pages Monthly

  • The pages are for you to use as supplements to your own book
  • Or they can become the beginning of a full collection we send out over time.
  • Each month, new pages will be created that cover just about every aspect of magick and witchcraft.

2 Ways To Get Pages

  1. The subscription box will provide 5-8 high quality, full color, double sided, card stock prints.  These pages will be specific to the tools and theme of each box so that you have instructions on how to use the ritual tools each month. (You must be subscribed to receive the box)
  2. For The Witches Box newsletter members, there will be 2-3 free digital downloads provided each month.  These are one sided, print quality, but also good if you want to create a digital book of your own.  These pages will mainly be for correspondence and blank page designs so that you can add information of your own to your Book of Shadows.


Is there a difference between the Free downloadable Book of Shadow pages and the Book of Shadow pages that are sent out in the subscription box?

Yes!  The free downloadable pages that members of the newsletter receive are a combination of blank page templates that you can print and fill out with your own information as well as basic foundational Witchcraft content.  (Such as correspondences, symbolism of sabbath etc)  The printed pages that are sent out in the subscription box will be specific to the tools and theme of each box and focused on spells, rituals and recipes for magick.

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