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Welcome to your Witch’s Soul Journey:  A Year And A Day.

This journey is created to facilitate your deepening as a Witch, through a beautiful practice of going inward and writing down the bones of your makings and magic.

The truest enlightenment springs from the well of your own soul.  In writing down the whispers of your spirit, you unlock profound portals, diving into self exploration and igniting transformation and growth in a gorgeous mystical act of self love.

Each week you can come to this space, find the week you are on in the year to receive your questions, sit down and allow the journal questions to open up a wellspring of wisdom and growth for you.

The journey is designed to guide you through a whole year and a day, but it’s yours to move at the pace you are able to. So if you find that you can’t do the practice for that week, you can double up the following week or you can just pick up where you left off and go at your own pace. This is for you to have and work with in a manner that best suits you.

You may also find you experience some resistance to one or several of the journal prompts; sit with it, meditate on it.  Resistance is a sign that there is something there for you to unfurl, explore and heal.  Often it’s an indicator that you are reaching into shadow territory. Be gentle with yourself, allow this to unfold for your gently.

Throughout this journey, expect to be surprised by some of your investigations; expect to be enchanted and inspired to discover more and create magic and art with what you learn; you will also gain clarity, and a deeper connection to and understanding of yourself, your inner world, your evolving spiritual paradigm, and practice.

If you have any questions or concerns do reach out by emailing us at [email protected] and we will answer your query for you as soon as we can.

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Down below you’ll find a resource module with links to support you through your journey, as well as your journal questions which are organized by season. You can go through each one at your own pace, look through them all at once, or follow the calendar year as it comes.

Do make sure to click on the actual season module first to watch the message it holds before you embark on your weekly questions.

The first week of each season begins with the season changes, which is usually between 20-22nd of each month. So if you decide to begin, let’s say, on the first week of Winter, go to Winter, find Week 1, and go from there. For reference:

Northern Hemisphere

  • Winter – December 20-22nd
  • Spring – March 20-22nd
  • Summer – June 20-22nd
  • Fall – September 20-22nd

Southern Hemisphere

  • Winter – June 20-22nd
  • Spring – September 20-22nd
  • Summer – December 20-22nd
  • Fall – March 20-22nd

NOTE: Each week’s journal question post contains downloadables for you to have!