Talismans + Amulets

Talismans + Amulets
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Talismans + Amulets

These terms tend to get confused, so this is a quick guide for determining when you should make one or the other.


A talisman is a magically activated item that is intended to amplify a specific energy or aim. That is to say, if you want to amplify or enhance luck for yourself, you could create a talisman for this purpose. The same is true if you are tapping into a deity or an archetypal energy stream in order to more embody those powers or characteristics, a talisman can be used as a focal point from which those energies are intensified around you and inside of you.

Often a symbol like a sigil is inscribed in a stone or piece of wood, or an intention is infused into a jewelry piece and this can serve as a talisman. There are no limits as to what can serve as a talisman, though it's an item that is typically carried on the person, so a convenient size and durability is important. The energetic vibration of the item, such as a specific crystal, can also be part of the magical working imbued into the talisman.


An amulet is an item magically activated to protect the holder or wearer or space it's been intentionally created for. It acts as a ward or shield from harm or evil.

This tends to be the sole purpose of an amulet and it can be any type of object; stone, jewelry, wood carving, statue, coins, diagrams, sigils, etc. It's a piece that can either be carried, worn, or hung in a home or in an area that needs protection.

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