Finding The Oracle

A three day virtual retreat that will lead you to your Holy Oracle.

March 24 – 26th, 2023 on Zoom

Together, We’ll Find The Oracle

An Oracle is a Priest/ess acting as a medium through whom advice or prophecy was sought from the gods in classical antiquity

We go to the Oracle for wisdom and guidance. Often the messages come in symbols, metaphors and the images of a surreal dreamscape that exists deep between the veils. The divinatory magic comes in learning the language, dancing with the mystical realities we are presented with and using the oracular maps to move ahead in our path with new found direction and truth.

Come join us for a three day virtual retreat where we will go deep into our sacred astral caves, meet our very own Oracle and then set about the practice of embodiment to map out the path forward for each of us as ever growing Witches.

For a little taste of what we will be covering, there is a free class video down towards the bottom of this page to give you an idea of what type of work and information we’ll be going over together.

Come Find The Oracle


  • 3 days of teachings and rituals
  • A community forum to further connect with other Witches
  • Access to recordings of the entire weekend
  • Practices for you to continue the work.

This Is For You If…

  • Your soul longs for a Witchery that is deeply rooted in the mystic, the power of the unseen and the innate wisdom your soul has always been connected to.
  • You long for time outside of the day to day in order to immerse yourself fully in the unique pace and state of ritual work that is transformative.
  • You want to walk away from the experience a completely touched and expanded soul.

Our Journey

  • 3 Days – Virtual Retreat via Zoom
  • Teaching on The Sacred Oracle
  • Teaching on Wayfinding
  • Teaching on Pathworking + The Shamanic Journey
  • Teaching on Spells + The Sacred Oracle.
  • A nightly Divinatory Dream Practice
  • Daily Pathworking Ritual
  • A practice script for strengthening the foundation of your divination + oracular power.
  • A private forum for continued work + connection

You’ll Walk Away With

  • Connection with your own personal Oracle
  • The divination skills to see the way forward for your personal path
  • The ability to map out the path to your personal power + growth as a Witch
  • An understanding of Pathworking as a potent magical tool for magic, healing + personal transformation
  • Creating spells in the astral realm to help shape the map of your life
  • A foundation for your dream language


  • We will circle together from the comfort of your personal sacred home space.
  • Each day we will go from 9:30AM PST – 5:30PM PST with breaks for stretching and lunch. Other time zones will also have access to the recordings.
  • The platform used will be Zoom.
  • A recording of all sessions will be sent to you after the retreat is over.
  • Upon Registration, a detailed list of what you will need for the retreat will be sent to you.
  • Registration is nonrefundable.
  • Cost is $257

Creating Our Sacred Space

Meeting virtually is different than meeting in person. But the space we create together is just as sacred. You will receive instruction on how to set up your days and space such that the container we are all in is strong, protected and imbued with the power of our holy intention.

This intentioned container is just as much a lesson in ritual making as the practices we will be engaging in throughout the weekend.

Come Find The Oracle


  • 3 days of teachings and rituals
  • A community forum to further connect with other Witches
  • Access to recordings of the entire weekend
  • Practices for you to continue the work.

Love Magic For Finding The Oracle


Friday, March 24, 2023

  • Opening Circle
  • History Of Oracles
  • The Sacred Oracle Within
  • Lunch + Integration
  • Wayfinding As A Soul Practice
  • Anatomy Of Pathworking
  • Dream Work

Saturday, March 25, 2023

  • Morning Check In
  • Ritual For Connection
  • Journey Process
  • Lunch + Integration Break
  • Pathwork Ritual: Finding The Oracle
  • Journey Process
  • Dream Work

Sunday, March 26, 2023

  • Morning Check In
  • Pathwork Ritual: Mirror + Embodiment
  • The Sacred Oracle, Embodiment + Spell Work
  • Lunch + Integration Break
  • Pathworking Ritual: Mapping + Spellwork
  • Journey Process
  • Support Practices + The Way Forward


I’m In A Different Time Zone And Can’t Make It For The Times That The Retreat Will Take Place, Can I Still Participate?

Yes! The entire thing will be recorded and then the links and videos will be added to the Forum you get access to as part of your registration. You can begin watching them as soon as is convenient for you after they have been uploaded.

I’m A Beginner Witch, Is This Too Advanced For Me?

No. Everything you need to learn in order to do the ritual work we will be doing, will be taught throughout the weekend. This will give you a solid foundation for all of your divination practices moving forward.

I’m Busy That Weekend, Will You Be Doing This Again In The Future?

Yes. The intention here is that we do this yearly. However, you can still participate this time by registering and watching the retreat on replay in your own time.