Invoke Yourself, Holy Witch

A 3 day virtual retreat that will call forth your most potent witch self.

July 21-23, 2023

The Call

Holy Witch

I call to you.

I call forth, 

You who are the Sacred response 

To the potent soul call from within

You who are the weaver 

of magic and new realities

And dance your spells from the ethers into form

You who heal with each step, each word 

And each carefully crafted intention.

I call to you, 

The wise one,

The devoted one,

The soul that is ancient and timeless

I call to you to show your face,

Reveal your light

And claim your birthright

As Holy Witch.

Be here now.

Stepping Into Our Full Sovereignty As Witches

Invocation is one of the integral practices of a Witch. We use it predominantly as a way to call in quarters, guides, deities, spirits, etc, while in ritual.

There is a powerful intersection, however, between the sovereign act of a Witch when she calls in a quarter or a deity and the act of invoking or calling forth that purest, most potent identity she carries as a Witch. When we invoke this part of ourselves forth, we break blockages, generational limitations, limiting beliefs and the wounds that have kept us smaller than we were ever intended to be.

When we, as Witches, invoke our sovereign Holy Witch forth, we heal, we transform and we begin to finally show up in the world as the potent, magical and fully actualized Witches we are.

Come join us for a three day virtual retreat where we will go courageously into the heart of who we truly are as purely liberated and powerful Holy Witches.

PLEASE NOTE: This is emotional work. It is challenging work. If you are in a place where you are feeling destabilized by stress or mental health, this is not the time to engage in this work. Come when you are able to feel discomfort, grief or the growing pains of healing while still being able to manage your needs clearly.

Our Journey

  • 3 Days – Virtual Retreat via Zoom
  • Teaching on Invocation + Crafting
  • Teaching on baring witness and holding space
  • Teaching on the truest expression of a Witch’s identity
  • Teaching on The Holy Witch
  • Daily Transformational Ritual Work where we will be witnessing and be witnessed in invoking powerful parts of ourselves.
  • A practice script for your ongoing transformational work
  • A private forum for continued work + connection


  • We will circle together from the comfort of your personal sacred home space.
  • Each day we will go from 9:30AM PST – 5:30PM PST with breaks for lunch and self care needs. Other time zones will also have access to the recordings.
  • The platform used will be Zoom.
  • A recording of all sessions will be added to the forum for future viewing.
  • Upon Registration, a detailed list of what you will need for the retreat will be sent to you.
  • Registration is nonrefundable.
  • Cost is $257

This is for you if:

  • You’re a Witch that wants to embody and manifest the fullest and truest authentic power of your identity as a Witch
  • You long for time outside of the day to day in order to immerse yourself fully in deep spiritual and ritual work with a community of Witches
  • You want to walk away from the experience a completely touched and expanded soul

What You’ll Walk Away With

  • An understanding of yourself as a Holy Witch
  • A path towards the full actualization of your power
  • An intimate awareness of the places within you that you are still playing small in
  • A powerful magical tool for Initiation
  • A magical and holy experience of the liberation within you that awaits

Creating Our Sacred Space

Meeting virtually is different than meeting in person. But the space we create together is just as sacred. You will receive instruction on how to set up your days and space such that the container we are all in is strong, protected and imbued with the power of our holy intention.

This intentioned container is just as much a lesson in ritual making as the practices we will be engaging in throughout the weekend. We will be in vulnerable and healing space together. As such, know that safety is the utmost priority and Elena’s solemn commitment.


Friday, November 11, 2022

  • Opening + Orientation
  • The Work Of Invocation
  • Your Identity As A Holy Witch
  • Lunch + Integration
  • Sacred Witnessing + Holding Space
  • Obstacles To Reclaiming Sovereignty
  • A Fully Actualized Witch

Saturday, November 12, 2022

  • The Loving Self
  • Word Weaving
  • Invocation Ritual
  • Process
  • Lunch + Integration Break
  • The Healing Self
  • Word Weaving
  • Invocation Ritual
  • Process

Sunday, November 13, 2022

  • The Magical Self
  • Word Weaving
  • Invocation Ritual
  • Process
  • Lunch + Integration
  • You, The Holy Witch
  • Word Weaving
  • Invocation Ritual
  • Process
  • The Work Ahead


I’m looking to do deep work, will this be that?

Yes. Specifically, this is the beginning of the important work of self facing. We take time to truly face the power and depth and breath that we possess intrinsically as Witches and reclaim that for ourselves. This is the work of truly owning our power so that when we ritual we can embody confidence in knowing who we are as well as accessing the specific power needed to do the work.

I’ve already taken this, should I take this again?

You can, especially since, over time more material will be added. That said, there is an Invoke Yourself, Holy Witch II that is offered throughout the year that allows you time to take the practice deeper. In these we will be covering different aspects of yourself, beyond what is covered in the Invoke Yourself I.

What is the difference between Invoke Yourself, Holy Witch I and Invoke Yourself, Holy Witch II?

The first one is the immersion where we cover exactly what this practice is and it’s applications to your life as a Witch. You also get an opportunity to experience the work for the first time, focusing on 4 specific aspects of yourself. Invoke Yourself, Holy Witch II is a one day practice gathering where we get to just focus on the practice itself through new and deeper parts of who you are as a Witch. The later is designed to allow those that have taken the first part to really dive deeper into the work.

I’m A Beginner Witch, Is Invoke Yourself, Holy Witch I Too Advanced For Me?

No. Everything you need to learn in order to do the ritual work we will be doing, will be taught throughout the weekend. This will give you a solid foundation for all of your divination practices moving forward.

I’m In A Different Time Zone And Can’t Make It For The Times That The Retreat Will Take Place, Can I Still Participate?

Yes! The entire thing will be recorded and then the links and videos will be added to the Forum you get access to as part of your registration. You can begin watching them as soon as is convenient for you after they have been uploaded. That said, due to the nature of the work we will be doing as a group, it is advised that you try to make it for at least one of the witnessed rituals with the group in order to have some of the integral experience with being witnessed.

I’m Busy That Weekend, Will You Be Doing This Again In The Future?

Yes. The intention here is that we do this yearly. However, you can still participate this time by registering and watching the retreat on replay in your own time.

I’m Not A Writer, Can I Still Do This Work

Yes! This takes practice and we will begin that practice together. You will be given a format with which to write invocations with, so you will have support in crafting what can sometimes be very short statements but still incredibly powerful ones.

Can I Just Take Invoke Yourself, Holy Witch II If I Haven’t Taken The First One?

No. The first is a prerequisite for the second.

I’m Looking For Where To Register For Invoke Yourself, Holy Witch II But Can’t Find It. How Do I Sign Up?

The link to sign up for this ritual day is only available through the Invoke Yourself Forum. You have to have already had access to the forum by having taken the first immersion class.