• Moon Ritual Coven

    $33.00 / month
    Change your life with the powerful magic of the moon.
    Join us in monthly rituals and spells that celebrate our connection to the New, Full and Dark Waning phases of the Moon.
    Together we will learn Her magic, rhythmic patterns of healing and transformation and provide a sacred container for ritual 3 times a month.
    Let’s make Moon Magic together!


    Every month you’ll get access to:

    • 1 Live (on Zoom) Coven ritual per month
    • A private Coven learning portal that holds all the lunar lessons and monthly rituals for you to go back to regularly.
    • 3 in depth astrological reports on each phase of the Moon and the other planetary influences at play
    • 3 introspective journal and meditation prompts to align with the moon energy
    • 2 written ritual scrips per month to do on your own or with others that focus on that specific lunation for that month
    • Access to the Moon Ritual Coven forum
  • The School Of Holy Witchery Monthly

    $102.00 / month

    This is a listing for The School Of Holy Witchery.  For more information on the program go HERE.

    The School Of Holy Witchery Is For You If:

    • You dream of a life where your Witchery is a fully embodied way of being, an approach to life that is wholistic and is part of everything you do.
    • You’re a new Witch and don’t quite know what direction to go in with your learning and long for a map that guides you along.
    • You’ve been a Witch for a while, but long for an organized and in-depth path of learning and transformation that is comprehensive.
    • You want to take your Craft further than just casting a spell now and then.
    • The mystical calls to you like a long lost lover, beckoning you back to what your soul has known for lifetimes.
    • You are ready to commit to a disciplined prioritization of your spiritual life.