Holy Retreats

A Word Or More On Taking Retreats

A Witch’s path is one of life long learning, deep listening, holy rest, practice and integration.

Our pace in life is different. Tuning into magic and the realms of the Seen and Unseen require Retreat from the noise and movement of our day to day lives.

We retreat as a way to tend to the sacred, as a way to integrate what we are growing into and to dedicate ourselves to deeply transformative work.

Retreat is sacred work that grows us and allows us time to connect with fellow Witches while doing so.

Upcoming Live Retreats

The Golden Honey Retreat

Begin this new year with a rush of Life, Abundance + Money flow.

March 8-11th, 2023

Registration Closed

Coven Of Lilith Initiation Retreat

This is only for those in the 2023 Coven Of Lilith Cohort.

Please check our forum and emails regarding the details for our gathering.

Coming Soon

The Ancestral Healing Retreat

Just as Fall starts, let’s dive deep into the ancestral healing and soul retrieval that can free your power.

September 6-9, 2024