Are you ready to change your entire relationship with abundance?


A life changing dive into the stream of abundance + BIG Money Magic

Begin this new year with a rush of Life, Abundance + Money flow.

March 8-11, 2024

Yucca Valley, California

Dare to openly desire more Money, and embrace the truth that money is just a small part of what the energy stream of Abundance actually is. Because, dear Witch, we ARE going to create BOTH.

The Stream Of Abundance

Usually when we think of abundance, we think of money. And certainly, money can flow with abundance in our lives, but Abundance, as an energy stream, is an entire universe MORE than that.

What often gets ignored in all the money magic we do is this resplendent universe. Because trust me when I tell you that we are short changing ourselves big time when we spell for, hope for, vision for money, but not the whole stream of abundance that is possible and integral in our lives.

In fact, Money Magic isn’t as potent when we are not actively working with, engaging and calling in Abundance fully. That’s the secret sauce no one tells you about!

We Will Make Some Potent Magic Together

We will meet on a Friday evening with an opening ritual and then continue on through the weekend with lessons, rituals, money magic, love magic and the soul retrievals to help heal our wounds of scarcity.

This is an INTENSIVE 3.5 days of deep magical work, transformative rituals and healing.

We will be forever changed after this weekend together.

Pre-Retreat Lessons

Abundance is a long game. That is to say, it’s a dance and a type of magic that we cultivate and flirt with throughout our lives. In a sense, it’s an embodied lifestyle that we weave into our reality every second of every day. So prior to our actual retreat, there will be a few gatherings on Zoom where we’ll start laying the groundwork for this life long magical working.

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  • Lodging + Meals
  • Altar Pieces Gift Bundle
  • Book Of Shadow Bundle
  • Spell Ingredients
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Letter From Elena…

One of the ‘quirks’ of being Witches is that we are always working at manifesting things while also have a deep aversion to money and abundance.  

The truth is, we hold a wound that even though it might have come from different stories for each of us, at it’s heart, it’s really about a disconnection from the unfettered and potent flow of Life.  

For one Witch, it might be an ancestral trauma, for another it might be new beliefs about what it really means to be spiritual, but at the heart, it’s a disconnect.

And what breaks my heart about this is that we are Witches.  We. Are. Witches.

Ours is the path of connection, magic, celebration of the phases and the holy dance of Life.  We strive for this, while also harboring beliefs and blocks that cut us off from the very thing we are made of and made for.

I want us all to rise out of this scarcity curse.  Because I’m telling you this right now, we all need money, but money is the side affect of our fully embodied birthright. 

Abundance is the foundation on which Life and Love flow.  There is an energetic alchemy at play here that we miss as Witches because we end up focusing on aspects of it, but not the whole.

Love… you are made of more.  You are made FOR more.  Your magic yearns for the fullness of who you are when there aren’t unnecessary blocks that keep you at a half life.  

Because when we deepen into an abundance of love, pleasure, self care, creativity and gratitude, money flows.  Money. Flows.  

But you’ll be so enthralled with the lushness of your life, that money will simply become one of the many energy lovers in your life.  

This is my desire for you, for all of us.  

Let’s gather and dig deep into this journey of liberation and abundance.  The container I have for us is lush with beauty, magic and the kind of connected healing that can only be found in a circle of Witches.

My love to you, always.


The Magic We’ll Be Working With

  • Jupiterian Magic
  • Money Spells
  • Breath Work
  • Body Wisdom Work by Amy Jones, Somatic Coach
  • Soul Retrieval Work
  • Shadow Work
  • The Alchemy To Gold Ritual
  • Sound Work
  • Elemental Magic
  • Nightly Rituals that will definitely include at least 1 dance party!
  • Deeply Unwinding Yoga by Amy Jones, Somatic Coach
  • The Mysteries Of Honey (from Harvesting The Honey)

What You’ll Recieve

  • At least 2 Priestesses to help usher your transformational and magical process through the weekend.
  • Countless Book Of Shadow pages for your personal book, including lessons from Harvesting The Honey
  • Sacred altar items and magical tools for our spell casting work, rituals and for you to take home with you
  • Deeply nourishing and lush meals that are allergy and diet preference focused. Our meals will be a study in abundance all on their own.
  • Practices that you can take with you in order to continue cultivating relationship and embodiment of abundance in your life.
  • A safe and potent circle container with other Witches that will feed that soul yearning for holy connection.

Testimonials From Previous Retreats

Option .02 (Only Option available now)

Pay In Full


  • Lodging + Meals
  • Altar Pieces Gift Bundle
  • Book Of Shadow Bundle
  • Spell Ingredients
  • NOTE: When you click the “Buy Now” button below, you will first be taken to a release form that outlines our cancellation policy as well as a few other details before you get to Check Out.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this the new Harvesting The Honey?

No. There will be a Harvesting The Honey course released in 2024. This retreat is rooted in the teachings of Harvesting The Honey and we will be covering that in the retreat. This weekend is about doing the actual work together and experiencing the potency of doing magical work and healing work within the circle of Witches. The Golden Honey Retreat is intended to facilitate you bringing this energy and wisdom into the body so that it might be a living movement of abundance in your life.

I don’t know if I’m a witch, can I still come?

Absolutely! This retreat is for those who believe that they can express their spirituality and life as an ongoing connection to their deep selves and to all things around them. All of the rituals and spells we will be casting will come with detailed instruction and guidance.

Our Place Of Retreat