The Witches Book Subscription Is CLOSED.

Thank you for over 3 gorgeous years of deep reading and learning together!

Below is a letter written to our subscribers

Dearest Witches,

The time has come to close down the Book Subscription.

I need to start by saying that by far this one was my favorite.  As you know, I love books, I love learning and I have deeply loved sharing these amazing books with you.

That said, the world is changing and as you know we have had struggles throughout the last couple of years with rising costs of shipping, box loss, and general overhead.

In order to sustainably keep the book subscription going in the green (meaning we aren’t taking a financial loss with it each month) we would have to raise the cost of each box by at least $10, which would put it at $42 a month.  

It’s just too high of a cost at a time when shipping and packaging costs will just keep increasing.

On A More Holistic Note

As you know, we are going through major changes at The Witches Box.  Soon, our name and website will be different and as you have already seen, our offerings are changing as well. 

We are committed to our mission:  To facilitate the spiritual deepening of all Witches.

And that mission is the lens through which I vision us forward, and create new offerings.  It’s what guides me when I ask the question, “How can we serve our community best towards reaching this goal?”

The book subscription has been great at this because it has provided many of you with a lot of learning, which is huge for all of us.

But you have heard me say this before and that is, “Direct experience is always going to be your best teacher.”

To that end, I’m finding that the virtual and live retreats do this better.  Classes on how to live the practices of being a Witch also do this better.

And so, even though it’s bitter sweet to let this subscription go, it is in total alignment with the goal of constantly measuring what we provide you all against the question, “How can we serve our community best in facilitating deep spiritual growth?”

I want deeper and more impactful.  And we are moving towards that more and more each day, which thrills me to no end.


I need to say thank you to each of you who have subscribed to the books in the past or are subscribed presently.  

You have trusted me to be your guide in the reading for over 3 years now and the honor has never stopped flooring me.  

We have read some amazing books together and gotten to connect with wonderful authors who have shared much with us.

And for all of that, my heart overflows with gratitude.

So What Happens Next?

Over the course of the next 24 hours, you will notice that a cancellation email will reach your inbox.  You will not be charged again after this for your subscription to the Books.

Also, know that the July books have already been mailed so if you haven’t received yours yet, you will.

For those of you who have just subscribed and your first box was to be for August 2022, I will be refunding each of you and you will not be receiving any books.  I do apologize for this inconvenience, and share that we do have other options for you right now and I invite you to take a look below.

Other Offerings

1.  The Witches Box

2.  The Witch Wound Virtual Retreat

3.  Moon Ritual Coven

4.  Single Books and Boxes on sale

We also have a blog page of Book Recommendations, listing all the books we have featured in The Witches Book Subscription.

Thank you for continuing to be on this journey with me.  There is so much more to come and I can’t wait to share it all with you.