Join One Of Our Covens

The Power Of Witches, Together.

Learning our Craft is integral to a Witch’s path.

And for that learning we read, take classes, and practice. Those three modalities are a wholistic approach to taking new information, integrating it and then embodying that new wisdom in the world.

That said, nothing replaces the power of a community of Witches together both in the learning and the practicing.

Witches have been circling since the beginning of time. We need each other, whether we are meeting live or virtually. Our powers weave together to create a resonant field that transforms each of us and fuels the interconnected web of Witches around the world.

Together we grow, support one another and empower each other in a way nothing else can.

For this reason, we offer 3 different virtual covens. Each one has a slightly different focus and level of engagement.

We can’t wait to see you in circle.


Moon Ritual Coven

Join a coven of Moon devoted Witches for monthly rituals and magic.

The School Of Holy Witchery

Dive into a rich and deeply comprehensive learning experience rooted in a wealth of information and magical embodiment.

Coven Of Lilith

A coven made up of those called by the primordial force of the Goddess Lilith.