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The Golden Honey Retreat

Begin this new year with a rush of Life, Abundance + Money flow.

March 8-11th, 2023

Registration Closed

Coven Of Lilith Initiation Retreat

This is only for those in the 2023 Coven Of Lilith Cohort.

Please check our forum and emails regarding the details for our gathering.

Coming Soon

The Ancestral Healing Retreat

Just as Fall starts, let’s dive deep into the ancestral healing and soul retrieval that can free your power.

September 6-9, 2024


Moon Ritual Coven

Join a coven of Moon devoted Witches for monthly rituals and magic.

The School Of Holy Witchery

Dive into a rich and deeply comprehensive learning experience rooted in a wealth of information and magical embodiment.

Coven Of Lilith

A coven made up of those called by the primordial force of the Goddess Lilith.

Why Holy And What Is A Holy Witch?

We are reclaiming the word Holy, because as Witches we are about wholeness, connection, and an understanding that all things are interconnected and able to come together in dialogue and relationship.

We are reclaiming Holy, because it means sacred, divine, whole and also elevated; of value and of soul.  

Regardless of your tradition, as a Witch you walk the path of a conduit for movement and connection and change.  It is Holy work to take on this role in the world, even if you just want to cast a few spells to have an easier life.  Understand that you walk in all worlds, whether you realize that all the time or not.  Yours is an archetype of power, of beauty and of transformational evolution.  This is no small thing.  And neither is the term Holy.  


Holy Witchery is shamanic, holistic, animistic and powerful in the most connected way.   It is deep soul magic that is rooted in sacred flow with both the seen and the unseen world.  

Invoke Yourself, Holy Witch

A 3 day virtual retreat that will call forth your most potent witch self.

July 21-23, 2023

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