Learning Tarot: The Lovers

Element: Air
Planet: Mercury
Astrological Sign: Gemini
Numerology: 6
Timing: Gemini May 21st – Jne 20th
Hebrew Letter: Zain
Crystals: Rose Quartz
Herbs: Dill, Parsley, Lavender, Marjoram, Anise

Keywords: Passion, Partnership (Business, Siblings, Friends, Lovers), Ethics, Choice, Decision Making

Reversed Keywords: Temptation, Interference, Discord, Moral Quandary, Indecision

The Lovers Tarot Card + The Sacred Mirror

First, I want to highlight what exist just beyond the obvious with this card. Yes, it’s about love, pairings, partnerships. We most want to look at it as love that is either flourishing or coming our way. But beyond this, there is a strong reference to the sacred mirror. That deeply spiritual dynamic when we stand before one another and offer up a mirror to what is true and core about ourselves.

There is a consciousness required in engaging in that dynamic, it’s required in order to be a mirror for someone else, and it’s a requirement for you to actually see and receive the information being mirrored to you. And it’s this consciousness that is indicated in the Lovers Card.

The element of choice that is represented in this card is between that which is conscious and that which is not. This is about making the choice to follow the truth of your heart as oppose to the unconscious reactionary and superficial choices that might seem easier at the time. You can see some flavoring of Gemini in this as well.

Duality + Partnership

Structurally, this card is about duality. There are distinctions made here between right and wrong, female and male energy, yin/yang and moral or amoral. This is part of the old culture behind the card that is in contrast to the initial interpretation of this post where it’s really about choosing consciously or unconsciously and dealing with the consequences that come from either choice.

Because there are strong leanings towards archetypes of female and male in the card, they are used to denote the heart (female/feminine/yin) and the mind (male/masculine/yang) The card itself is ruled by Air which leans heavily to the mind and intellect and rationality.

This is the real heart of this card, though it is also about pairs. The pair of choices given in order to make a decision, along with the tension between the two.

In this way as well, it’s an easy leap to ascribe love and passion and romantic partnership to this card.

In a reading related to love and partnership, it can indicate that the issue is rooted in your current partnership, that love is coming your way and that it will come on with a distinctly strong passion and shift in thinking. It does not indicate, however, how long these feelings will last.

Reversed Meanings For The Lovers Card

Reversed this card could indicate meddling into the pair or the relationship by a third party. It can also indicate an issue that has come to the romantic dynamic that is causing tension and conflict.

The meddling could be the introduction of dishonesty between the partners, or that the hearts of both people are not aligned and this is causing confusion and distractions through temptations.

Tarot Deck:  The Wild Unknown

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