The Broom Closet + Owning The Truth Of Who You Are

In all of our books and online spaces as Witches, one of the bigger topics that always comes up is about being in the broom closet.  – Broom closet being that metaphorical place where we hide our identities as Witches for fear of being discriminated against, judged, or harmed in some way.

I teach that being in the broom closet isn’t something to be ashamed of.  If your life would be placed in mortal danger because of your identity as a Witch, then love… Stay. Alive.  

Your circumstances can change over time, but being mortally hurt can be a definitive outcome.

There does, however, come a time in a Witch’s life when you must determine what the cost of hiding is, compared to what the imperative and value of coming out brings. And to figure that out we need to address the Witch Wound we are all effected by.

The Witch Wound Alive Today

It’s one thing to work at healing a trauma that occurred years, decades or lifetimes ago.  It’s another to heal an old wound that is generational but still being perpetrated today.  

Witches have been maligned and persecuted for millennia.  But there are still many of us who live in the broom closet for fear that our families will banish us, that we’ll lose our jobs, and our community will persecute us in some way or another.

Most of you reading this live in a Western country, where you have more freedoms than most, but the fear of some sort of loss is real.  For those of you living in countries with deeper oppression, especially religious oppression, you are in actual danger of losing your life if you are found out to be a Witch.

This is literally happening today.  And it’s what keeps inflicting and feeding the Witch Wound in all of us.

But hiding oppresses us.  It keeps us from living authentic lives, empowered lives… free lives.  It wounds us.

The oppression is, of course, intentional.  If we are disempowered, then… we are disempowered.  Meaning, our power is under control of some external force invested in our feeling smaller and weaker than we truly are. And if that external force has embedded in each person, a wound that reinforces that oppression what we have is a curse that we are all being driven by.

Even though Witches in the broom closet keep their identities to themselves publicly, they still practice and hold true to their beliefs privately.  No one can touch who you are and what you know and what you believe.  Not really.

But if our outside doesn’t match our inside, that is to say, if you are not living in full alignment with who you are, you suffer.  And because of this, all other Witches and the world suffers as well.  We’re Witches.  We KNOW the fear we live with is the spell that keeps feeding the wound.

Don’t get it twisted, I’m not here shaming any of us.  But it’s important we understand the full picture of what we are dealing with.

Who We Are As Witches

Witches understand the power of the seen and the unseen, the power of spiritual connection and finding direction and wisdom from *within* as oppose to depending on the answers and ‘wisdom’ of an outside source with an agenda. Witches.

Witches are a conduit for a tremendous amount of inherent power. Our practices hone that power and quite literally heal the world if it were to be unleashed freely in the world.

Witchcraft is both natural and subversive.  It’s healing and revolutionary.  It’s liberating and constantly changing.

The Witch Wound is a hex that we must release ourselves from in order to step back into the fullness of our power and authentic spiritual expression. 

What Would This Healing Look Like?

Imagine standing fully in your identity, power and role as a Witch in the world.

This doesn’t mean that you’re necessarily an authority figure in your community, not officially.  It would mean that whether you’re a solitary Witch or the Priestess of a massive grove of Witches, when you enter a room you are the embodiment of your truth, power and resonant field as a Witch in the world.

It means that you would be unflinching in the fact that when you enter rooms, the energy shifts by virtue of the frequency you emanate, the truth you know and the title of a spiritual being that understands connection as the core of your practice.

It means that regardless of others fears or negative opinions or false narratives they hold about Witches, you just ARE.  Unapologetic, unbothered and in deeply rooted authority.  

This isn’t about being defensive, it’s about holding a spacious container for yourself where the truth is the only authority and fear is just another one of your many tools of intuitive magic that serves to inform you when you need to respond to something in the room, not hide from it.

Imagine not being driven by a Witch Wound that is not only generationally passed down, but also fueled by the climate of fear in the air today.

KNOW that your healing is part of the healing of the world, the healing of the Witches that have come before us and the Witches that will come after.

It’s time you gave yourself YOUR place in this world as a Witch.

Join us at the Healing The Witch Wound course.  Let’s reclaimed our rightful place in the world and walk out of broom closet.

Healing The Witch Wound

The Witch Wound holds all of us back from being the full embodiment of who and what we are, the full embodiment of our power, wisdom and our ability to heal ourselves, others and the world.

Let’s Heal The Witch Wound and step into the world as the fully embodied and potent Witches we are.

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