Full Moon in Scorpio, April 26th 2021

  • Date: April 26th, 2021
  • Time: 11:31 PM ET / 8:31 PM PST
  • Element: Water
  • Modality: Fixed
  • Ruler: Mars & Pluto


Every month the Moon reaches its fuller phase when it makes an exact opposition with the Sun, representing the peak of the lunar cycle, when emotions are heightened and the subconscious rises to our conscious awareness. Further, it’s a time of illumination and harvesting, for it’s when we see the results of the intentions we set six months ago with the New Moon of its same zodiac sign. This makes it perfect to celebrate if you see the blooms of the seeds you planted and/or an opportunity for reflection and gaining emotional clarity on a situation.


The Full Moon will occur at 7 degrees Scorpio, a water and fixed sign ruled by Mars and Pluto. On the night of this lunar event, Mercury, Venus and Black Moon Lilith will be all conjunct at 15 degrees Taurus, highlighting that the dark feminine within will be awakened, bringing out the shadow side, repressed emotions, deep desires and hidden secrets, representing the chaos and the destruction before the creation that will come with the New Moon in Taurus. Like every lunar climax in Scorpio, it will be emotionally intense, but these alignments will triple its effects, felt like an eruption of a volcano as the Queen of the Night will be opposing Uranus in earthy Taurus, the awakener and destabilizer. Thus, auguring transformational, radical, unexpected or quick changes to areas of our lives that we have been preparing for or wanting this shift.


Further, this will be forming a T-square in the sky since the luminaries and Uranus will be squaring Saturn in Aquarius. Hence, indicating that this lunar event comes with the liberation of all of the tense energy that has been building up since the Last Quarter in Leo of April 20th and its influence will continue for the next two weeks until the restart of the lunar cycle. Also, there may be something we will be leaving behind that can no longer be sustained, something we’re feeling the pressure to change or break free from.

This is the lunar climax after the New Moon in Aries of April 11th that was also chaotic due to the transits that called for us to face our fears, resolve our internal and/or external battles and make conscious the hidden wounds of the ego. Thus, this Full Moon may bring the eruption of anything that remained contained, the rupture of what remained rigid, marking the final liberation from all that has been binding us or keeping us in the same place.

For instance, with these tense alignments while Pluto, the ruler of this lunar event, prepares to station retrograde the next day, transformational shifts are upon us. It’s a time to resurface new skin, but first we must shed from the old, the dead and what we can no longer embody and carry.


Every Full Moon in Scorpio happens during Taurus Season, but it doesn’t always happen while there is a stellium in Taurus squaring Saturn in Aquarius. This Venus ruled sign deals with the things we value, finances, the economy, the material, the sustainable and what gives us pleasure and comfort. Therefore, as Uranus has been bringing shake ups to all of this since it made its first square with Saturn on February 17th, this Full Moon is bringing something to a climax that has been building up since then. It will be making us redefine what we value and inviting us to release what’s no longer working and where we have been too rigid and inflexible due to the fixed nature of this sign.


Every lunation that significantly aspects the Saturn & Uranus square, which is the main planetary alignment of 2021 since it will be occurring three times this year, will call for us to step out of our zone of comfort. However, when they happen in the sign of Scorpio it’s because there’s something we need to transmute and transform. Hence, reinforcing that it’s something we need to change and reinvent ourselves in order to adapt to the new reality that has been setting in.

In a macro and collective level it has to do with the economy, abrupt and significant changes with the stock market and crypto; in a micro and individual level it has to do with the changes we individually need to make in a specific area of our lives that have to do with how the economy is changing collectively, influencing also in the things we value and desire. Therefore, this lunar climax is bringing this to an illumination in order to prepare us for the new start happening with the New Moon in Taurus. A new emotional cycle will initiate in which we will be solidifying finally all of the changes we’ve been meaning to make since the start of 2021 and in which a new stability will begin after the period of instability stirred by the Full Moon.


Mercury, Venus and True Black Moon Lilith in Taurus will be in an exact conjunction on the day of this lunar climax, signifying that this lunar event will also come with significant changes in relationships, with revelations, with secrets and the hidden coming to light and with the call to have important heart to heart conversations. Our dark/shadow side will be really susceptible to come through as these alignments happening with a Full Moon in Scorpio is triple intensified, making this lunation emotionally intense, cathartic, but freeing and purifying.


Black Moon Lilith is the archetype of the wild, untamed and shadowy aspect of femininity that has been suppressed due to social conditioning and the patriarchy. For instance, this lunar event will be awakening the dark feminine within for the purpose as to bring the transformation that this Full Moon is announcing, for there is no creation without the chaos of destruction. Due to its conjunction with Mercury, it will be helping us purge out all of the contained rage by bringing it to expression and finally reveal our true authentic self, emotions, feelings and true desires without shame. This energy is also highly erotic, making this lunar event perfect for sex magic.

Therefore, these significant changes in relationships has to do with finally bringing the dark feminine out of the deep corners of the psyche and begin to cultivate a strong sense of self worth by asserting boundaries, setting healthy expectations and communicating your true emotions and desires while also integrating our shadow side, and anything we may have kept hidden that’s a part of our true nature due to fear of rejection, social conditioning or to be accepted by others.


The Sun & Moon will be in a harmonious aspect with Mars, who’s at a fall in the sign of Cancer, bringing our emotional sensitivity to an extreme, making us act from our gut, our instincts, our triggers, feelings and our intuition. Hence, all of the intense energy felt during this Full Moon might be discharged through Mars, the planet of action, anger and war. For instance, it’s important to find healthy ways to express and/or discharge the destructive emotions that emerge during this time or to distance from those that can’t control their impulses and anger.

It’s an ideal time to do emotional and energetic cleanses to ward off the negative, break curses and release the old baggage we have been carrying within. Ultimately, this is a time for purging and liberating ourselves what has been keeping us in a state of suppression, paralysis and inhibition or about releasing what we can no longer hold on to. Remember that the New Moon in Aries called for us to break free from that and now with this Full Moon in Scorpio is when we might be able to and begin to see our individual situations transform.


Where the Full Moon will be transiting in your chart indicates the area of life in which we’re meeting a culmination and an illumination, it’s also the house that’s meeting the radical changes and the transformation that this lunar event announces. Look for your rising sign below, this is where it will be transiting.

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  • Scorpio: In the first house. Hence, the area of self, appearance, personality; ruling over your personal goals, your physical body and how other people see you.
  • Sagittarius: In the twelfth house. Hence, the area of the unconscious mind, mental health, spirituality, isolation, confinement, endings and everything you do behind the scenes.
  • Capricorn: In the eleventh house. Hence, the area of friends, groups, community, social networks, connections, social recognition, goals and aspirations.
  • Aquarius: In the tenth house. Hence, the area of career, public image and social status.
  • Pisces: In the ninth house. Hence, the area of expansion, long term travel, higher knowledge, college education, philosophical and religious beliefs, ethics, moral values.
  • Aries: In the eighth house. Thus, the area of transformation, the occult, shared resources, other people’s money, tax, credit, investments; sex and the intimacy you share with a partner.
  • Taurus: In the seventh. Thus, the area of relationships, business partnerships, collaborations, laws and contracts.
  • Gemini: In the sixth house. Hence, the area of health and wellness, service work and work environment, daily tasks, routines and productivity.
  • Cancer: In the fifth house. Hence, the area of fun, romance and dating, creativity, projects, children and fertility.
  • Leo: In the fourth house. Thus, the area of the home, family, natal city, your roots, the past and internal world.
  • Virgo: In the third house. The area of the mind and communication, ideas, education, hobbies and interests, siblings and neighbors and immediate environment.
  • Libra:In the second house. The area of personal resources, money, possessions, value system, self worth and self esteem.

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