Learn Tarot: The Justice Tarot Card

Element: Air
Planet: Venus
Astrological Sign: Libra
Numerology: 11, 2
Hebrew Letter: Lamed

Keywords: Equilibrium, Equity, Fairness, Legality, Consequences Of Ones Behavior, Righted Wrongs, Honors Truth,

Reversed Keywords: Prejudice, Bias, Chauvinism, Injustice, Legal Complications, Lack Of Accountability, Mistrial, Illegalities,

In the Fools Journey, we arrive at this card which is one of the most foundational lessons any being has to learn: the law of cause and effect or action and reaction. This is the significance of The Justice card.

Each and everything thing we do creates an effect in the world externally and internally. It’s is this realization that leads us to maturity in many ways. There is a lesson here in paying attention to not only the intention of your actions, but also to look ahead and play out what affects your actions will create down the line.

It’s important to note that there is a strong fairness energetic to this card. Affects to actions, aren’t dolled out as punishment, simply the natural affect to the cause you created. It’s a dispassionate card that simply points out what is in a manner that is direct, clear and devoid of judgement or value. In the event that things get righted, it is a clear matter of justice and cause and affect, not judgment, favoritism or retribution and rewards.

So The Justice card both speaks to a larger cosmic balance as well as literal legal matters that call for the scales of Justice.

Reversed Meaning of The Justice Tarot Card

As with all reversals, there is a disturbance in the natural vibration of The Justice card. It could significantly that prejudice is involved, punity driven by bias, or complication in legal matters. There is an obstacle or stunted flow in the natural law of cause and effect.

And perhaps that is one of the more core issues here with this reversal; the natural pattern and law of things is disrupted and it is the obstacle causing this disruption that the reversed version of this card is pointing to.

On a deeper or broader level, it is important to note that the question you pose the cards is important here. Sometimes the disruption of energy isn’t about you but rather other forces at work on the larger playing field of humanity. Discerning this can be crucial in determining what you might need to do or not do.

Tarot Deck:  The Wild Unknown

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