A Witch’s Broom

Meaning/symbolism:  Because of the stick AND the bristles, the broom was seen as something that was both masculine and feminine, or what we might today call energetically receptive and active.  It is symbolic of the Goddess and the God. For that reason, the broom or besom as it is sometimes called, symbolized fertility, union, as well as protection due to its mundane use as a tool that clears or cleans out a space.  

Element:  Earth + Air

Magickal Uses:

For Clearing

In a perfect example of sympathetic magick, the broom sweeps out negativity and unwanted energy.  When used for mundane purposes, like actually cleaning the house, you would actually have the bristles touch the ground to do its job.  

Magickally, clearing out the space or the energy in order to prepare it for a renewal or for a ritual, the bristles would not touch the ground.  The motion of sweeping is a symbolic one where the energy that is stagnant and unwelcome is gathered up by the sweeping motion in order to cast it out of the house, or off of the altar space. In this way, different sized brooms can be used, from the smallest ones for an altar surface to a life sized broom for whole homes.


The couple ‘jumps the broom’ to promote fertility as well as crossing over a boundary that will protect them.


To clear or keep out negativity from the home, it can be hung over the doorway or the main hearth of the home.

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