Learn Tarot: The Devil Tarot Card

Planet: Saturn
Astrological Sign: Capricorn
Numerology: 15, 6
Hebrew Letter: Ayin

Keywords: Avarice, Temptation, Obsession, Entitlement, Addiction, Bondage, Over Indulgence,

Reversed Keywords: Release, Breaking Free, Reclaiming Power,

Let’s first dispel the misconception that this is a depiction of the Christian/Catholic Satan. It is not. And where it’s easy to project onto The Devil card all the notions of what Satan is, this card is much deeper than that.

Because at initial glance, the Devil is a Libertine, indulgent in all things sensual and taboo, as if he were the quintessential example of total liberty.

But in fact, the opposite is true. Keep in mind that the ruling planet here is Saturn, which is about boundaries, limits, and constraints. So the appearance of wild abandon in The Devil card is really addiction, driven by obsession, addiction, and bondage to that which he seeks to fill a deeper void.

There is nothing liberated here, it’s an uncontrollable drive that leads to avarice.

It’s also important to understand that the act of indulgence itself is NOT the problem. There is no moral imperative against doing things that provide pleasure. Rather it’s the drive behind it that creates either an orientation of bondage or one of liberation.

The lesson of The Devil card is in understanding that there is no Temptation in anything unless the relationship you have with the object is a dysfunctional one where it’s being used as a substitute for something else.

Reversed Devil Tarot Card Meaning

It follows then that the Devil reversed is the true liberation. That a release can or has occurred where there is no longer a bondage to addiction or obsession or avarice. It’s as if right relationship with the object has been achieved or a doorway to that has opened.

The reclamation of power after one has lost themselves to an obsession is where the illusion of power once held by the object of obsession dissolves and is demystified.

Deck Used:  Rider Waite Tarot

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