Learn Tarot:  The Star Tarot Card

Learn Tarot: The Star Tarot Card

Element: Air Planet: Uranus Astrological Sign: Aquarius Numerology: 17, 8 Hebrew Letter: Tzaddi Keywords: Healing, Hope, Renewal, Dream, Rest, Break, Play, Innovation, Networking, Friendships, Serenity, Transferred Knowledge Reversed Keywords: Stop, Relaxation, Be Patient, A Delay, Distance, Detachment, Obscuration, Hopelessness, Unwell, Missed Opportunities, Blocks to Renewal Arriving at this card after a long journey, the Fool…

Learn Tarot:  The Hanged Man Tarot Card

Learn Tarot: The Hanged Man Tarot Card

Element: WaterPlanet: NeptuneAstrological Sign: PiscesNumerology: 12, 3Hebrew Letter: Mem Keywords: Accepting, Reflective, Observant, Calm, Sacrifice, Prophecy, Grace, Suspension, Surrender, Shift in perspective, Reversed Keywords: Selfishness, Martyrdom, Persecution, Habitual Ignorance, Victimization Continuing on the journey of the Fool, we come upon The Hanged Man, and it’s always a perplexing one for people. Hanging upside down, while…