Thriving as a Solitary Witch

The path of a solitary witch can be extremely fulfilling and with the global awakening to the olde ways, more and more witches are being reborn.  I say reborn because I believe that our souls are ancient energy and as we wake up to this craft, we are reborn. Traditionally, Rootworkers have worked alone.  In the South, there would be one Conjure Woman or Man per settlement, or earlier, plantation.  They were greatly respected for their knowledge and ability to heal.  This didn’t mean they didn’t fall prey to admonition from the pulpit, but many in the pews sneaked down to their medicine shack for help between services

Before diving into the Land of Solitary Witchdom…. What is a Solitary Witch?  As one might guess, it’s walking a path alone.  You are not part of a coven or a circle of like-minded people who assist with rituals, spells, and faith, or helping you with a great Italian recipe. You might  think that is daunting but you can create a  space where you are able to define your own practice without the influence of others. 

Sound liberating?  Still not sure?  

How do I know what to do?

The answer here isn’t popular but, here we go.  Research.  Yes, the dreaded “R” word.  It doesn’t have to be dusty books in hidden corners of libraries, unless that’s your thing.  It can be colorful blogs, hip articles, documentaries on your tablet with a cup of spicy chai. The deal is that you’re probably going to have to read more than one source about a topic to cross reference information. 

The great thing here is that you are building you own norms and finding what speaks to your soul.  Each tidbit that you learn becomes part of your personal vocabulary in a language that is unique to you.  Take notes, scribble pictures in the pages of your journal.  As a solitary witch, you have the freedom to practice as you see fit.  You are not bound by the folkways of a coven or circle.  

How do I know if I’m doing something right if I don’t have anyone to ask?

Yet another “R” word.  Results.  Witchcraft, Hoodoo, or Rootwork (whichever word you want to use) is not an exact science.  It’s living, organic, natural and bears results.  Those results will let you know what worked and what didn’t.  If a spell or working is successful, you know you were on point. 

If not, then it’s back to the first “R”.  You may need a reading to determine if the work was the correct one for the situation.  A dip back into books or articles may tell you what you have omitted or need to change for the future. 

Will I get lonely as a Solitary Witch?

Yes and no.  It really depends on how social you are. It can be difficult to find like-minded people.  Even if you find a group of spiritually-minded people, they may not live in your area to meet with.  The internet can be a great place to discover fellow Rootworkers the world over and share ideas and inspiration.  With the internet, you are not confined geographically nor by the way you practice.  You can borrow spells and rituals and allow your soul to write the way you want to create, tend to and deploy your work.  

Will being a Solitary Witch help me grow?

Overwhelmingly yes.  If you are a person who is a self-starter, you will be forced to grow and flourish being a Solitary Witch.  The Solitary Witch has opportunities to experience self-efficacy in every spell; whether it’s successful or not.  The “I did it” feeling is in every circle cast, each jar created and every “fixed” candle lit.  You answer to yourself and have the ability to pace yourself and your growth.  

How have I done it?

I have loved being a Solitary Witch.  I can move at my own pace.  For years, I didn’t have space for an altar but that didn’t stop me from my personal work.  There wasn’t a push by others to buy things that I didn’t need or couldn’t afford.  Sure, I fell into the whole “ooo, shiny” when I got online BUT my budget stopped that early.  I found that listening to my spirit and not others, allowed me to see what I would really use and what was meaningful to me in my practice.  

For me, I felt it important to set my intention of what my craft would be before shared with others.  Once I knew that Hoodoo was my base, I could feel comfortable looking at others’ work online.  Don’t get it twisted, I had “initial altar shock.” Some were twice the size of mine and had things I had never seen BUT having my initial intention firm, it was more inspiration than “HOLY SHIT I’ve been wrong the whole time.”

This may not be for you, and that is OK.  There’s no right or wrong with Hoodoo or Witchcraft.  You may find that you have other practitioners near you and can join with them regularly.  Later in your growth, you may want to take time for yourself.  This is your journey.  The important thing is to enjoy each step of the way.  

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