Full Moon in Pisces, September 2nd, 2020

  • Full Moon: 10° Pisces
  • Date: Sept 2nd @ 1:22 AM EST / Sept 1st @ 10:22 PM PST, 2020
  • Element: Water
  • Modality: Mutable
  • Rulers: Neptune & Jupiter


Every month the Moon reaches its fuller phase when it makes an exact opposition with the Sun. It’s the peak of the lunar cycle, when emotions are heightened and when something subconscious rises into the conscious awareness. Also, it symbolizes completion, when we see the results of what we began during the New Moon of its same zodiac sign. This makes it perfect to celebrate if you see the blooms of the seeds you planted and/or an opportunity for reflection and gaining emotional clarity on a situation.


The Full Corn Moon will occur at 10 degrees Pisces, a water and mutable sign ruled by Jupiter and Neptune. This lunar climax comes a couple of days after the opposition between Mercury in Virgo and Neptune in Pisces, which confronted us between what’s real and what’s not, shedding light to what we may have been overlooking. Thus, this Sun and Moon opposition between these same signs increases this energy, bringing then the final emotional clarity to what was before nebulous and illuminating where we may have been under an illusion. It also happens after the Mars and Saturn square that was a very repressing, slow and frustrating influence.

However, because the luminaries will be in an exact sextile with Uranus Retrograde, it indicates that this Full Moon will be coming with the needed movement and change and that it will be rising to the surface the emotions contained underground, making us highly sensitive and emotional. However, this makes it a wonderful opportunity for an emotional detox, to let go of what no longer serves our path and dissolve all of those heavy martian emotions by practicing compassion, forgiveness or acceptance.


Additionally, the lunar climax of Virgo Season comes before its New Moon, highlighting that before this new emotional cycle, we need to become clear of the illusions in our lives and to purify our soul from any suppressed emotions, negative energies and influences. That is to say that the complete emotional clarity will not necessarily occur during the night of this Full Moon, but it marks the beginning of it.

This is because during the remaining days of Virgo Season, the Sun will be opposing Neptune, the planet of illusion, and harmoniously aligning with the Capricorn Stellium, grounding us gradually in reality until the New Moon in Virgo. This makes the next two weeks ideal to release from what was illuminated during this lunar event and to cleanse our spirit to prepare for the new cycle that will come with magnificent grounding, disciplinary and practical energies to go towards our endeavors. 


Jupiter and Neptune, the co rulers of Pisces and the significators of this lunar event have been in aligning harmoniously this year and their influence will still be present during this Full Moon. Neptune is the planet of illusions, dreams, the mystical and the intangible. Hence, being aligned with the planet of expansion, indicates that it’s energies are magnified, ideal to channel to connect with our spirituality and our intuitive powers as the doors to the unknown and our inner knowledge will be open. For instance, having this influence so present, makes the energies of this lunation highly magical.


This Full Moon will be causing high tides within because of the sextile with Uranus. Since this planet is retrograde, it highlights that it will be bringing out the repressed emotions and change to what was before stagnant, serving us in the process of letting go and detoxifying from negative emotions. Also, Uranus is known to be an awakener and it being a part of this lunar event highlights it will be waking us up, reinforcing that reality will begin setting in as we will begin to see past the illusions and that the energies will be perfect to awaken our psychic abilities.


There’s another important aspect to this Full Moon and that’s that Mercury, the planet of the mind and communication will be in a harmonious alignment with Pluto, the god of the underworld. This is a triple indicator that we will be finding the answers to the unresolved enigmas as its influence will be helping us dig deep and find the root solutions to our problems. Further, this is happening while Mercury is making a sextile to Venus in Cancer which will be directly opposing Pluto during this lunar event, bringing transformation to our relationships and to our desires as what we no longer want and need to release may also be revealed.


Every Full Moon serves as an opportunity to contemplate on where you’re standing, introspect on how far you’ve gotten and see what you may need to leave behind in order to continue your journey towards your goals, your dreams and desires. However, this lunation invites you to shift your awareness to a specific area of your life and make positive changes there.

Also, the influence of this lunar event will be helping you see beyond the illusions, detoxify and release what no longer serves you in your path in order to prepare for the New Moon in Virgo of September 17th. This new emotional cycle will be serving you with grounding energies ideal to channel for organizing and planning your next steps and begin working towards our goals with discipline and commitment. Hence, making the next two weeks after this lunation ideal to cleanse, release and purify things energetically and internally.


Further, this is the most magical and clairvoyant lunation of the year since the potent mystical energies of this sign and the Jupiter and Neptune alignment will be thinning the veils between the material and spiritual world, serving us to connect even deeper with our inner wisdom, the divine and the other realms. It’s a magnificent time to tap into our inner High Priestess, as the energies hint that the answers may be found within. This makes it the most favorable Moon to put to practice or awaken our psychic abilities, consult the tarot/oracle and explore our dreams as they may be very revealing and prophetic.


Where the Full Moon will be transiting in your chart, indicates the area of life that will be mostly impacted by this lunar event. This is based on your rising sign and whole sign system. If you will like to work with this Full Moon, in my Patreon, I created an Ebook that comes with a workbook with inner work questions; The Astro Guide to learn what this Full Moon means uniquely for you and guided spiritual activities and rituals!

  • Pisces: In the first house. Hence, the house of self, your appearance and personality.
  • Aries:​ In the twelfth house. The area of the unconscious, dreams, karma, confinement.
  • Taurus:​ In the eleventh house. The area of networks, group of friends, connections, humanitarian efforts and goal setting.
  • Gemini: ​In the tenth house. The area of career, public image and reputation.
  • Cancer:​ In the ninth house. The area of travel, higher knowledge, religion, philosophical beliefs, foreign people and countries.
  • Leo: ​In the eighth house. The area of other people’s money, transformation, the occult and sexuality.
  • Virgo: ​In the seventh house, the area of relationships and partnerships. 
  • Libra: ​In the sixth house. Hence, the area of service-based work, health, routines, and habits.
  • Scorpio: ​In the fifth house. The area of creativity, fertility, children, and dating.
  • Sagittarius: In the fourth house. The area of the home, family, natal city, your roots, the past and internal world.
  • Capricorn: ​In the third house. The area of communication, intellect, education, brothers, and neighbors.
  • Aquarius: ​In the second house. The area of finances, possessions and your value system.

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