Learn Tarot: The Judgement Tarot Card

Element: Fire
Planet: Pluto
Numerology: 20, 2
Hebrew Letter: Shin

Keywords: Rebirth, Clarity, Awareness, Renewal, Change, Transformation, Life Changing Opportunities, Regenerate, Discernment, Wisdom

Reversed Keywords: Delays, Holding Patterns, Confusion, Indecision, Procrastination, Stunted Growth

On face value, this card can seem misleading. Judgement is a loaded word in society today and there can be an instant reaction to it as if you are being judged harshly for doing something wrong.

In truth, The Judgement card isn’t this at all. And we need to also pay attention to where we are in the Fool’s journey. This is the second to the last card in the full journey. Here, we have come through a life time of lessons and rites of passages. It is here where we begin to remember the lesson of the past and connect them with the present day wisdom in such a way as to manifest as discernment.

Here is the wisdom – where we can take our past life experiences and integrate them in such a way as to carry them with us now as present day wisdom. It’s like hindsight, maturity, awareness and the capacity to synthesize experience with time and awareness.

Reversed Meaning Of The Judgement Tarot Card

Being stuck in the past, and unable to really see the trajectory of the lesson, is what this card is telling you when it shows up reversed. There is an element of denial and self imposed delusions, that keeps you stuck, unable to grow, move forward or get clarity and wisdom based on past experiences.

Tarot Deck:  The Wild Unknown

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