New Moon in Aries, April 11th, 2021

  • New Moon: 22° Aries 25′
  • Date: April 11th, 2021
  • Time: 10:31 pm ET / 7:31 pm PST
  • Element: Fire
  • Modality: Cardinal
  • Ruler: Mars


The New/Dark Moon marks the beginning of an emotional cycle that will reach its climax in six months with the Full Moon of the same zodiac sign. Every month it happens in the same sign and degree as the Sun. Thus, it occurs when both luminaries are in a perfect conjunction that results with the Moon being completely overshadowed. Symbolically, this merges our external identity/conscience (Sun), with our inner world and emotional nature (Moon).

This is when the waning moon has reached completion and it’s in its darkest phase, making us go inward. Therefore, it’s still a moment of stillness, recharging and for retreating. However, as the dawn always comes after the darkness it also announces a new beginning that we’re not able to see just yet. Thus, it makes it perfect to set intentions that you want to manifest in six months with the Full Moon of the same sign.


The New Moon will occur at 22 degrees Aries, a fire and cardinal sign ruled by Mars. As this lunar event will conjunct Venus and square Pluto, the lord of the underworld, it will be asking us to break free from the chains of the “devil” and all that traps us in a destructive or infertile cycle by confronting our inner demons and facing our fears. However, the luminaries will be sextiling Mars and Jupiter, who are in a trine aspect, creating a minor trine in the sky in which powerful creative and fertile energy will flow. For instance, the reason why we’re being called to move beyond our fears is in order to go towards our goals boldly and courageously.

Fear of failure or of success traps us in a negative loop that keeps us stagnant as it produces the resistance that creates the paralysis. So, this is what we will be breaking free from to connect with the energy of Jupiter that expands and transcends limits, leading to growth and progress. Therefore, the Jupiter and Mars trine being harmoniously aspected by the New Moon indicates a call and an opportunity to innovate and to do what’s different, to open ourselves up to new perspectives, the unknown or unexplored paths as that’s what will bring true change and begin a new creative and fertile cycle.


Also, as the fiery and Marsian sign of Aries will be reigning in the sky during this lunar event, it highlights that for this new cycle to be fertile, connecting with our divine masculine energy is a must. Hence, to look for or to create the opportunities instead of waiting for them to happen; to actively seek what we want instead of waiting for it to come to us. Therefore, in the first New Moon of the astrological year, we’re encouraged to come out of the cage and break free from the chains that bind us in stagnation and inhibition, to connect with our personal power, strengthen or begin to practice our autonomy, assert our will, take fearless action on our desires and objectives and become the initiators, the producers of the change we want to create in our lives. 


On March 26th, Venus made its superior conjunction with the Sun at 5 degrees Aries, shifting from Morning to Evening Star. This transit brought our primal desires to light and, as it was also merged with Chiron, our primal wounds were also illuminated. Therefore, it indicated that these desires were hiding beneath these wounds of insecurity and fear, revealing why they were suppressed. However, since the Full Moon in Libra directly opposed them it indicated the end of their cycle after their illumination. Thus, making the next two weeks after this lunar event all about healing our deepest hurts in order to begin taking action on our desires with the New Moon in Aries. 

In this lunar event, now the Moon will conjunct Venus instead of oppose it, highlighting that a new venusian cycle begins after the end of one as represented with the Full Moon in Libra. Therefore, making it a time to initiate action and to actively go towards our illuminated desires in order to meet them as we heal our wounds and move away from the insecurity that inhibits us. Thus, this new lunar cycle conjunct Venus is also about cultivating our confidence, our personal independence and becoming assertive so that we meet our wants.


During the first half of Aries Season, we’ve met the conjunctions with Chiron, the wounded healer, in order to shed light to our core and primal wounds of the ego. Thus, every planet in Aries meets this asteroid first before aspecting the lord of the underworld, Pluto, the last step towards our healing. The Full Moon occured while the Sun was exactly conjunct Chiron and now, during the last half of Aries Season and the New Moon, we’re meeting the first square, the one between Venus and Pluto, and then the Moon, Sun and Mercury will follow.

For instance, this astrological season invites us to embrace and honor independence, to take action and go towards our goals, but these planetary alignments with Chiron and then Pluto, highlights that in order for us to assert ourselves fully and make sure we have full autonomy over our lives, first we must asses the wounds and insecurities that inhibits our full expression and the fears that paralyze us. Because, without making this conscious and healing it, then our past hurts and our fears begin to take control over our emotions and thus, our instincts and our actions, leading to creating a cage to ourselves in which we might not be aware that we live in, which limits us to meet the full realization of our goals and/or our desires. 


Therefore, this New Moon in a square with Pluto highlights that this new emotional cycle is about breaking free from that cage, but also from the chains of the devil that traps us in a destructive cycle: irrational fears, unhealthy attachments, toxic relationships, controlling behaviours, wrong use of power, self sabotaging habits and coping mechanisms. In addition, as Pluto is in the sign of Capricorn, we will also be creating new structures and rebuilding ourselves or something from the ground up with this lunar event. 


Additionally, this energy might be emotionally chaotic and cathartic, intensifying what makes our blood boil while letting out repressed anger. However, the sextile between the Moon and Mars indicates that we might discharge and express these heavy emotions constructively and healthily. Since Mars is in Gemini, ruled by Mercury, which has moved from Pisces to Aries, reveals that it’s through verbal expression that we might let out these repressed emotions and through initiating a conversation with the other. Remember, that this is a continuation of the Full Moon in Libra, that put our relationships to spotlight and that Venus, the goddess of love, will be squaring Pluto during this lunar event. Thus, this New Moon also talks about our relationships only that this time is about a new beginning after the illumination or endings we may have met with the Full Moon. 


This New Moon not only asks us to face and heal from our fears and break free from stagnation, but it also offers us a powerful creative energy that will impulse us to take action on our ideas and for what we will be creating in the next six months. However, becoming also the reason why we should face them, so that we eliminate the resistance that prevents us from moving forward.


Mars, the planet of action and Jupiter the planet of expansion will be in an almost exact trine during this lunar event, this is a very auspicious energy that indicates that doors will be opening for those that actively look for the opportunities. In addition, it also highlights that in order for our actions to lead to different results (Mars in Gemini), we should do what’s different, to innovate and take a leap of faith to an unexplored path (Jupiter in Aries). Gemini also supports experimentation, trial and error, so it’s really a time to try something new, which is what might lead to progress. For some of us, these air signs encourage making new connections (Gemini), networking and creating or becoming a part of a community (Aquarius) as this is what might also lead to personal success (Aries).


The New Moon will be at the midpoint of this trine, thus, sextiling both, although the sextile with Mars will be more exact. Since the luminaries are in the sign of Aries, it now offers the self this energy in order for it to leverage it in order to create change! The fire element is what makes us execute on our ideas and our vision  and that’s what we will be working on manifesting for the next six months. Taking responsibility for our growth and success is also suggested and to actively go towards our goals and objectives without waiting, it’s now time to take fierce action on them and impulse the change we want. 


This New Moon is an opportunity to start cultivating more autonomy in your life by confronting your fears and healing from them; to break free from self imposed or external limits; break destructive cycles in your life; to reclaim your voice and assert your personal power and independence and lastly, to take bold and courageous action on your goals. Where the New Moon will be transiting in your chart, indicates the area of life where this new emotional cycle will begin and where you’re being invited to reclaim your independence and start something new.

If you’d like to take this work deeper and set intentions for the next six months, I created a New Moon in Aries E-book that comes with an illustrated report, The Astral Guide to learn what this means uniquely for you by using your natal chart, a New Moon horoscope for each sign, suggested tarot spreads, a guide to set intentions and suggested ritual, and journal prompts to answer in your moon journal. Click here to support me on Patreon and to join.


Based on your rising sign and the whole sign system, this is the house/area of life the New Moon will be transiting in your natal chart:

  • Aries: In the first house. Hence, the area of self, appearance, personality; ruling over your personal goals, your physical body and how other people see you.
  • Taurus: In the twelfth house. Hence, the area of the unconscious mind, mental health, spirituality, isolation, confinement, endings and everything you do behind the scenes.
  • Gemini: In the eleventh house. Hence, the area of friends, groups, community, social networks, connections, social recognition, goals and aspirations.
  • Cancer: ​In the tenth house. Hence, the area of career, public image and social status.
  • Leo: In the ninth house. Hence, the area of expansion, long term travel, higher knowledge, college education, philosophical and religious beliefs, ethics, moral values.
  • Virgo: In the eighth house. Thus, the area of transformation, the occult, shared resources, other people’s money, tax, credit, investments; sex and the intimacy you share with a partner.
  • Libra: In the seventh. Thus, the area of relationships, business partnerships, collaborations, laws and contracts.
  • Scorpio: ​In the sixth house. Hence, the area of health and wellness, service work and work environment, daily tasks, routines and productivity.
  • Sagittarius: ​In the fifth house. Hence, the area of fun, romance and dating, creativity, projects, children and fertility.
  • Capricorn: In the fourth house. Thus, the area of the home, family, natal city, your roots, the past and internal world.
  • Aquarius: ​In the third house. The area of the mind and communication, ideas, education, hobbies and interests, siblings and neighbors and immediate environment.
  • Pisces: ​In the second house. The area of personal resources, money, possessions, value system, self worth and self esteem.

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